Our role to educate people to respect animals

Part of the solution to the stray dog crisis in Romania (and anywhere in the world) is teaching people to respect animals, including those who are homeless.

ROLDA has worked with local schools to educate students about treating animals with respect and compassion because they are sentient beings who feel fear and pain and experience loss and love. We teach that abused animals suffer physical and emotional trauma that can lead to poor life quality if left untreated.

Our “Speak Toto Language” helps people better understand a stray dog’s body language.
Educating people about animal welfare will also lead to fewer pet abandonments that contribute to the stray crisis.

Children are the future. It is entirely in our power to educate them about compassion, respect, and empathy to assure the communities we are building and the citizens we are raising, are kinder and more caring. Not just toward animals, but to each other and to all the life forms with whom we share our planet.

ROLDA team hopes to bring together lonely dogs and people who have little remained to hope for.

Dogs are the perfect companion for the elderly, alleviating loneliness and listlessness by offering the unconditional love, energy, and affection a happy and healthy dog can offer.