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Our role in educating people to respect animals

Part of the solution to the stray dog crisis in Romania (and anywhere globally) is teaching people to respect animals, including homeless ones. Educating people about animal welfare will also lead to fewer pet abandonments that contribute to the stray crisis.

Our role in educating people to respect animals

ROLDA education program is also a holistic approach to

Prevent animal abuse

How we do it?

● Sterilization campaigns to prevent abandon, brutal killing of litters and more animals roam free on the streets

● Education materials (some printed, most available online to download and share) which inform the community about animal rights and welfare issues

Prevent animal aggression on people

(especially to protect vulnerable categories: children, seniors)

How we do it?

Created Speak Toto language to help people understand dogs body language to be able to adapt their behavior in a critical situation.

Improve communication between pets and their humane companions

How we do it?
Inspired by a British model, the National Study aims to offer instant advices to Romanian dog owners who struggle to understand their pets, which have behavior issues and are in danger of being abandoned.

Support the low income community to keep their pets at home

How we do it?
Besides free sterilizations for dogs and cats owned by disadvantaged community, ROLDA started #FriendsForever addressed exclusive to Romanian senior pet owners.

At ROLDA we prefer not to print literature because we endeavor to plough as many donations as possible into rescuing abandoned and abused animals. But in some cases, printing literature is the only way!

The ROLDA Awareness Movement in Romania tackles animal cruelty via different angles to cover as broad an audience as possible.

How does ROLDA educate?

Building community support for our projects and supporting impoverished communities to abide by the costly, and often complex government regulations regarding pet ownership is a precursor to success.

People should not be separated from their pets due to restrictive legislation and costly registration fees.

Compassion, caring, and community support for these values is the same as seeing success in our rescue and other efforts.

Check what has ROLDA achieved lately

for the community of Romanian animal lovers, and what are we planning for the future:

For children

For Seniors

For all groups of age