About us

ROLDA Sverige was set up by a group of Swedish animal lovers, led by our friend and volunteer animal activist, Lisa Hogberg. The purpose of the association is to rehome responsibly healthy and sociable dogs from our shelter to Swedish families, to generate awareness and support for the Romanian animals and for the poor communities struggling to look after their pets responsibly. The association was founded on 23 September 2014, reg. no. 802490-7050.

Full legal name:
Association ROLDA Sverige

Other names:
ROLDA Sverige

Incorporation year:

Visit ROLDA Sverige website here

Contact person:

Phone number:

Mailing address:
Dalhemsvägen 7, 691 42 Karlskoga


How Swedish supporters help us:

Enable rescued dogs to receive medical assistance, sheltering and to be adopted in Sweden

Contribute to maintain, repair and expand ROLDA private animal sheltering facilities

Create a network of foster homes

Encourage responsible adoptions where it’s the duty of the Romanian shelter to deliver to Swedish families healthy, sociable dogs (and pay for medical costs when necessary) and request for adopters to be serious and committed in their duties for the adopted dogs

Support fundraising efforts in Sweden to benefit street dogs and cats in Romania as well as to campaign against illegal public shelter, against animal cruelty and abuses

Other activities include:

Organize transport of donated supplies to ROLDA shelters

Reunite groups of volunteer visitors from Sweden to visit regularly the ROLDA shelters

What we do for Swedish supporters

  • Opportunity to adopt a healthy, beautiful, sociable dog rescued from streets or saved from a local public shelter. See conditions here & Read also testimonials from other adopters.
  • Opportunity to be part of our team as a volunteer (in case you’d like to put your best skills at use for animals in need and for a charity that use resources to save them) or as an ambassador (to share news about ROLDA on social media or to wear items that we send you for free)

Some of #roldadogs adopted in Sweden

Money sent by ROLDA Sverige for Romanian projects



adoption fees and transport to Sweden in May


Ukraine general donations


general donations


371 350 SEK RAISED

adoptions transport costs, general costs for the shelter, medical bills, winter costs, gifts for sponsor dogs


372 756 SEK RAISED

adoptions transport costs, general costs for the shelter, medical bills, winter costs, gifts for sponsored dogs


305 794 SEK RAISED

winter costs, general costs for the shelter, medical bills, adoptions transport costs, prevention treatments, replace dog beds


310 549 SEK RAISED

adoptions transport costs, winter costs, vaccines bill, medical emergencies, gifts for sponsor dogs, horse project costs, sterilizations bills


195 440 SEK RAISED

adoptions transport costs, winter costs, vaccines bill, medical emergencies bills, gifts for sponsored dogs


102 520 SEK RAISED

winter costs, shelter related costs, Christmas meals, adoptions transport costs, gifts for sponsored dogs, funds for running spaces, emergency medical bills



straws, vet equipment, gifts for sponsored dogs, small shelter repairs


See ROLDA’s latest Annual Report


See the Financial Report of ROLDA Romania

How Swedish supporters can make a gift to ROLDA?

Swish: 1234 126 348

Bankgiro: 573-0502

Legacy for animals

Your love for animals can last forever when you make a gift to ROLDA in your will

Donate by PayPal

Login into your PayPal account and make a donation to this email address

ROLDA’s founder invites you to find out how we started and why

“Firstly, thank you for visiting the ROLDA website. Your interest and support is what enables us to save lives every day. Below is a brief overview of the journey I have been on and which has led to ROLDA.
The idea to set a ROLDA branch in Sweden came to me after studying a bit where adoptions are the most constantly successful in Europe. Lisa is ROLDA Sverige president, with us since 2014 even if some of the Board members changed over the years. People change jobs, their lives change also and it’s difficult to keep volunteers for too long. Lisa and her husband, Goran visit ROLDA regularly and are passionate and loyal in their commitment. Lisa transforms around our dogs every time she visits them. She never turned down the chances of a dog to be rehomed, regardless his age, disability, size or age, as long as the dog is fit to travel and would integrate into someone’s home. We have just a few failed adoption and Lisa’s home is the back up place when this happens. Lisa is helped by the first dog she adopted from us, Farina, a lovely girl who acts as alpha dog for new coming residents that need a leader. Few months ago, Lisa decided to put Barty on adoption list for Sweden. Barty is a blind dog, refused by others, a dog who didn’t deserve a life in shelter. After arriving in Lisa’s home, the bond created between Goran and his new blind buddy became indestructible and it takes a person with big heart like Lisa to welcome a new blind family member to her furry family.
Year after year, ROLDA Sverige grew – in total donations raised but also in number of dogs who find homes in a country full of compassionate people. Hopefully we will continue to rehome and fundraise many years to come in Sweden!”

My best wishes to you,


Meet ROLDA Sverige great team




Board Member


Board member












“I got off the train in Galati and Dana picked me up, she drove me to the shelter and it was so nice to catch up with her since it was almost 2 years than my last visit. At the shelter I was greeted with a lot of wagging tails and kisses. ROLDA dogs are truly happy dogs and you can see that they are well taken care of because otherwise they wouldn’t be so happy and search for attention. But with that said we need to remember that a life in a kennel is not a life for a dog and we need to work harder to get these lovely dogs to their forever home. Dana showed me the vet clinic and all the improvements that have been done since last time I visited. The sun went down and Dana showed me where I would spend the night… After a good night sleep a lovely ROLDA staff drove me to Bucharest airport. I can’t wait to do this again, meet all the dogs, the nice staff and hopefully if we all work together bring dogs to their forever homes!”


What is a Shop and give to #roldadogs?

When you donate via these websites, a percentage of your purchase goes directly to our charity to help the animals from Romania, saved from neglect and abuses.