From running dogs shelters to organizing sterilization and education programs, ROLDA provides humane alternatives in dealing with the dramatic animal overpopulation issues in Romania. We actively encourage everyone we assist and work with to find responsible, humane, and sustainable solutions when dealing with issues affecting our furry friends.


ROLDA, our dedicated staff and international supporters are taking action on many fronts, right now. Working tirelessly Today for a healthier and safer Tomorrow. We owe it to our voiceless animal friends, to ourselves and our children, and to the wonderful but environmentally threatened Planet we share.

Social campign

ROLDA serves one of the poorest regions of Romania, where we help low income pet owners in their own communities. By providing essential food, sterilization, and free medical services, we are able to keep families with their companion animals. Without ROLDA’s support, they often have their pets seized and destroyed by the authorities.


ROLDA works tirelessly to build a world free from homeless, unwanted animals that suffer terribly on the streets. A World where each dog and cat has the opportunity to form a strong, lifelong bond with their human companion. A World where wild animals are neither exploited, nor abused, and do not have their natural environments destroyed. ROLDA believes that our future planet must be a healthy planet, and a place where all people and all animals live together in harmony.

Bill of rights

ROLDA works to assure that philanthropy gains the respect and trust of the general public when supporting a cause close to their heart. Donors and prospective donors must have full confidence in the not-for-profit organizations and initiatives that they are asked to support. We declare that all donors have these rights…

“Animal rescue is heartbreaking work. We have come a long way, but there are still far too many homeless dogs and cats in our community. To date, ROLDA has helped over 20,000 animals, some with human companions, and sadly, so many more who have no one. Our efforts have greatly helped unwanted and homeless animals, allowing us to rehome dogs from our shelters, and to assist people with low incomes in providing food and medical care for their pets, and farm animals.

Without ROLDA, our dedicated staff, volunteers, and international supporters, these animals would have suffered slow, agonizing deaths on the streets and in the fields of our community. ROLDA makes a daily commitment to several hundreds of animals. Could you make even a small commitment to one soul in need? Every one of us has the power to give hope, and to create a more compassionate world.”

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Financial reports

All the donations transferred from ROLDA’s international branches partners are included in the Annual Financial Report
made public by ROLDA Romania on Ministry of Finances website, on each July for the previous year.

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