ROLDA is working on a variety of projects that are helping not only the animals, but have a community-wide impact.
From undertaking vital sterilization and vaccination drives (to eliminate rabies), paying the identification of dogs or other medical emergencies in communities that struggle to receive veterinary care, or planning to build up a modern Adoption Center for responsible animal lovers in Romania, we exist to give hope to all animals that need us.

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Check out ROLDA's ongoing projects and choose how YOU will be part of these life saving missions!

PawzUp Center
ROLDA operates in one of the poorest regions of Romania, where a family of 4 (or more) members survive with approx. 150 EUR a month. Around 200,000 street dogs, working animals (donkeys, horses) and p...
$ raised of $
$how you care
The area for current services/administration needs capital repairs. The building needs a bathroom area where dogs can be washed especially in the wet and cold season. Also it needs a heated quarantine...
$8565 raised of $40000
How you keep ROLDA rolling
Because ROLDA is wholly funded by voluntary contributions, our ability to provide hundreds of animals in need with life-saving vaccines, medical emergencies, and nutrition support; safe drinking water...
$0 raised of $0
How more lives can be saved
New land acquisition is possible in the vicinity of the small shelter where a small cattery can be built as well as an additional paddock for dogs and a small cottage for volunteers. You have the oppo...
$21000 raised of $30000
Renovate ROLDA for a better future
The most urgent repairs are needed at the clinic’ roof and side wall affected by floods in fall 2016. Constant maintenance work is necessary periodically to protect the investments done for the dogs...
$2770 raised of $55000
200 dogs have been left to starve, abandoned in ROLDA’s care by the steel giant ArcelorMittal, owned by Lakshmi Mittal, one of the richest men in the World. In addition to this, the steel plant’ m...
$42510 raised of $100000
Veterinary equipment needed
From treating diarrhea, fixing a broken bone, sterilizing a dog to the most complicated procedures that the modern technology allow us to perform to save lives, we want to be prepared with the adequat...
$120 raised of $65000

PawzUp Gifts Shop

Insulated Indoor Kit (75.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is an INSULATED INDOOR KIT to help build a safe, insulated, and extreme-weather resistant indoor complex for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to en...


Waterproof/Fireproof Roof Panel (40.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is a WATERPROOF/FIREPROOF ROOF PANEL to help build a safe, extreme-weather resistant roof for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to ensure the health...


Waterproof/Fireproof Wall Panel (50.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is a WATERPROOF/FIREPROOF WALL PANEL to help build safe, maximum protection walls for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to ensure the health and saf...


PawzUp Brick (25.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: "Your Gift is a PAWZUP BRICK to help build strong, durable walls for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center to house and protect our animals." Just an example


Bag of Cement (20.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: "Your Gift is a BAG OF CEMENT to help build the base for ROLDA's PawzUp Animal Center so that all the animals living there will have quality hygienic conditions." ...



The benefit is real: A REAL DOG is benefiting because people like you care
The Price is REAL: We calculated the actual cost to provide the best and most effective support for these animals and for the local community
The Change is REAL: Your purchase will enable us to continue helping a community, to offer humane solutions to the worst social challenges this community has for years, to provide emergency food and medical aid, to shelter and rehabilitate hundreds of homeless animals in need in one of the poorest regions in Romania.


ROLDA is an international charity that helps responsibly, efficiently and humantey the strays and the abused animals in the country of Romania. (Reg. no. 18416340)