ROLDA in Tulcea

Starting in September 2021, ROLDA expanded its support to the nearby county, Tulcea. Danube river separates Galati and Tulcea counties (10 minutes by boat, which was the only connection between these two counties before the bridge was built). Tulcea is beautiful and has huge potential because of Delta of Danube, a popular tourist attraction. However, the locals who mostly live from the fishery are largely impoverished.

Poor communities have many problems, and animals are not a priority. Farm animals get more attention because of immediate benefits (eggs, meat, milk etc.). Nonetheless, pets are poorly cared for and get no medical treatment. They freely reproduce, expanding the suffering with innocent babies born to live in misery and neglect.

The volunteers from a local charity (The Great Catsby) primarily help cats but also dogs when possible. Their funds are tight, and the requests are overwhelming. Madalina contacted ROLDA asking for support, and from that moment on, we contributed to support their mission.

Among the things we have achieved together:

Sterilize dogs and cats.

Support the local public shelter with canned food.

Aid for pets from poor communities.

Treat puppies found abandoned in the local cemetery against parvo.

Cover medical costs for cats with severe conditions who needed help from specialists, surgery and boarding in Bucharest clinics.

Currently, ROLDA covers care bills ranging from 2000-5000 RON per month for the Tulcea project. Over the following months, we hope to bring our coloring books to the area. We’ll work with local volunteers to distribute it for free in rural areas to help increase awareness of animal welfare among those who need it the most.

Testimonial from Madalina, coordinator of the project in Tulcea

“A few months ago, we were desperately reaching out for support to animal aid organizations around the world, as we are doing TNR and animal rescue in the small city of Tulcea, Romania and we are simply overwhelmed with the situation of stray cats and dogs here. Very few have replied, and the only one that actually offered support were our neighbours based in Galati, ROLDA Foundation.

Since then, ROLDA have kindly sponsored the vet bills of a few desperate cases of both cats and dogs each month, and with their help, we managed to do a lot more than we could before.
Just to name a few,

Honey the puppy living in a cemetery won the fight against parvo and is now happily adopted

Alan the cat with the belly torn apart by dogs is fully healed and in foster waiting for a family

Prince that had been badly beaten by awful humans got hip surgery and is now recovered and in a foster home

Older tom boys Oscar and Clyde had access to tests and medical treatment for several illnesses

Morris that was hit by a car and was in danger to lose his paws was admitted in an orthopedic clinic in Bucharest, is fully recovered and now adopted

Many poor dogs in the Tulcea public shelter have received cans of wet food that they never even dreamt of before

We are forever grateful to Dana and her team, she always says she wants to be able to do much more, but for us and the animals we are now able to help, this means a lot!
We are also very appreciative of the fact they decided to support fellow rescuers in Romania, and thus, animals outside their immediate reach, as this kind of cooperation is unfortunately not so common although so necessary.

We couldn’t have done all of this alone!
Thank you, ROLDA and we hope you’ll be by our side next year too!”

Hugs from us and from our rescued babies,
The Great Catsby team

We need your help, they need our care!

Be a hero for animals in need

Someone like you is behind every rescue mission, helping our team save lives.