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#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

About us

Association ROLDA Suisse was set up by a group of Swiss animal lovers, led by the celebrity animal activist Lolita Morena. The purpose of the association is to generate awareness and support for the Romanian animals and for the poor communities struggling to look after their pets responsibly.

Full legal name

Association ROLDA Suisse

Other names

ROLDA Suisse

Contact person

Michele (President)

Phone number

+41 79 606 49 79


Incorporation year


Mailing address

Rue des Grands-Proz 2A, 1957 Ardon

How Swiss supporters help us:

Enable rescued dogs to receive medical assistance, sheltering while in Romania and to be adopted abroad (including in Switzerland)

Cover the sterilizations and other emergencies vet costs for pets (dogs and cats) from poor communities

Find reliable homes for rescued #roldadogs which are visited periodically by Swiss team

Other activities include:

Buy dog houses to protect dogs from poor communities against extreme weather

Organize transport of donated supplies to ROLDA shelters

Organize street protests in Geneve against killing of dogs in Romania

Create a post stamp with a Romanian dog’s portrait approved by Post Suisse

Attend meetings with ArcelorMittal representatives

Meet H.E. Ambassador of Switzerland in Bucharest and also accompany his family to ROLDA shelters

Reunite groups of volunteer visitors from Switzerland to visit regularly the ROLDA shelters

Publish articles in Swiss press and create films to be presented on Toudou, the TV animal show

Create partnership with Swiss Animal Protection and several other grant makers

Some past fundraising included

Replacing the rescue van crashed in an accident
Sponsor food delivered to dogs from poor rural communities
Pay the renovation costs for small shelter cottage
Sponsor education campaigns in schools from the villages
Help during flood – emergency aid like blankets and food (for people and animals)
Sponsor the creation of a green barrier (trees planted) to protect the large shelter against snow storms and the nearby human habitats against noise.

What we do for Swiss supporters:

Opportunity to adopt a healthy, beautiful, sociable dog rescued from streets or saved from a local public shelter. See conditions here & Read also testimonials from other adopters.

Opportunity to be part of our team as a volunteer (in case you’d like to put your best skills at use for animals in need and for a charity that use resources to save them) or as an ambassador (to share news about ROLDA on social media or to wear items that we send you for free)

Possibility to sponsor at distance a dog rescued from streets or a poor community pet who struggles to live decently

Some of #ROLDAdogs adopted in Switzerland











Money sent by ROLDA Suisse for Romanian projects

2023107000 EUR
-33% compared to 2022
2022160500 EUR
x 2.32 more compared to 2021
202169000 EUR 202099500 EUR 201995730 EUR
2023theatre fundraising, painting fundraising, SAP and other grants, private donations, memberships, sponsorships 2022grant private foundation, calendars sale, donations 2021decreased with 31% compared with 2020 – SAP & other grant makers, private donations, sale calendar, memberships, adoption fees, sponsorships 2020SAP, grants, private donations, membership, sponsorship, adoption fees 2019SAP, grants, private donations, membership, sponsorship, adoption fees, gala fundraising
2023sterilizations, general costs for the shelters, help for UkraineAnimals 2022sterilizations, adoptions costs, general costs for the shelters, help for UkraineAnimals 2021food and medicines, emergency aid, sterilizations, repairs, adoptions costs, winter shelter costs 2020sterilizations, adoptions costs, general costs for the shelter 2019new rescue van, sterilizations, senior event, dogs transport, general costs for the shelter
201873581 EUR 201753000 EUR 201632400 EUR 201526220 EUR
2018SAP, grants, donations, memberships, sponsorships 2017SAP, grants, bank transfer, gala donations 2016SAP, donations, memberships, sponsorships 2015SAP, donations, sponsorships
2018cottage repair, sterilizations, senior event, adoptions costs, general costs for the shelter 2017cottage repair, sterilizations, adoptions costs, general costs for the shelter 2016sterilizations, adoptions costs, general costs for the shelter 2015sterilizations, adoptions costs, general costs for the shelter

Transparency test

See ROLDA’s latest Annual Report

Financial report

See the Financial Report of ROLDA Romania

ROLDA Suisse Magazines

All ROLDA Suisse members receive our association’s printed magazines, twice per year. For an annual membership fee of 30.- Swiss Francs you’ll receive in your post beautiful quality magazines, two times each year, describing most recent events and projects of ROLDA in Romania. We remind you that our association functions 100% thanks to Swiss volunteers, who raise funds and logistics to sustain a number of long-term projects, focusing on the most disadvantaged regions of Romania, aiming to improve the welfare of animals as well as the lives of the people living near them.

Some videos created by ROLDA Suisse

How Swiss supporters can make a gift to ROLDA?

Send a check

Association ROLDA Suisse
c/o Michele Pradervand Mooser
Rue des Grands-Proz 2A
1957 Ardon

Bank account details

IBAN: CH47 8080 8001 2548 90198
CCP: 17-237-8
Bank: Raiffeisen Moleson
Address: 1628 Vuadens

Legacy for animals

Your love for animals can last forever when you make a gift to ROLDA in your will

Donate by PayPal

Login into your PayPal account and make a donation to this email address
Alternatively, click on this link

Meet ROLDA Suisse great team

Al Board Member

Lolila Board Member

Michele President

Volunteers (alphabetic order)





“Dana, I want to tell you such a big thank you for your kindness. You do such an inspiring job for all those dogs. I’m feeling so blessed to have experienced that in Galati Romania and I’m completely for your cause. Sending your best greetings and take care of you and all those sweet dogs.”

Laure from Switzerland
April 2018