The plight of animals in south east of Ukraine

The situation in south east of Ukraine is critical and it will have a long term impact on people and their animals.
Millions of people abandoned their home, heading to West countries and many took the pets with them. Ukrainians are crossing Romania by car, train or even by foot, walking in a march of desperation. Many left behind their old parents, their husbands who remain to fight, as well as house and are worried they will find nothing when and if they will ever return home.

Dogs are in danger of being shot. Shelters are in danger of being completely destroyed if a bomb accidentally falls in the wrong place.

Shops are empty, stocks of animal food and emergency supplies are running out and humanitarian aid hardly reaches the south east of Ukraine, especially occupied or war zones.

From the beginning, ROLDA team located just 8 km from border with Ukraine and Moldova was busy to find the best way to help people and animals affected by the war which happens very close to us.

We want to help the best we can the refugees and their pets who arrive in Romania but most importantly, the dogs who are left behind on the streets of Ukraine, in shelters in bombarded cities who lack vital resources and where the animal rescue activity can’t continue as before the war.

ROLDA is determined to find ways to channel food and essential supplies to countless abandoned animals who face death by bomb blasts, airstrikes and enemy fire. Regardless of bullets and bombs, we promise to fight as hard for the animals as the Ukrainians are fighting for their homeland!

Presently, the war continues in south east of Ukraine.

With international support, ROLDA hopes to be able to continue providing financial and logistic support to 15 shelters who looks after a total of 5000 dogs, cats and farm animals. Together, we can reach more.

Your donation put at work to save Ukrainian animals

(last update 06 September 2022)

Financial aid sent to Korosten, Kiev zone, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Dnepr, Poltava, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Borodyanka

ROLDA signed collaboration agreements with the following shelters from Ukraine to be able to transfer money for dogs. As per agreement, the Ukrainian shelters have full responsibility on how they spend the money received. ROLDA is not affiliated with/doesn’t endorse any shelter from Ukraine.

● Kherson Chance 600 dogs
● Korosten Hachiko 70 dogs
● Korosten Inessa shelter
● Kiev (Sirius and other small shelters) 3100 animals
● Zaporizhzhia Give me a paw, friend 250 dogs and 70 cats as well as:
● Melitopol 200 dogs
● TOG shelter 370 dogs
● Orekhov 50 dogs
● Stepnogorsk 75 dogs
● Matveevka 75 dogs
● Claire Poltava 200 animals
● Friend Shelter Dnepr 100 animals
● Kherson Anna rescuer
● Kherson 4Paws shelter
● (near) Kiev Sirius
● Kharkiv shelter
● Mariupol vet clinic Olga
● Borodyanka Ludmila farm animals

Evacuate as many dogs as possible from Ukrainian shelters and rescuers

So far, we managed to rescue approx 100 dogs from private shelters in Kyiv, Korosten, Cernauti, Mykolaiv, and Odessa of which 50% are already safely rehomed.

We aim to reach as many dogs as we can from shelter in danger of closing because of lack of resources, or dogs in danger of becoming captive in occupied territories. We transfer these dogs to safety at ROLDA where they will stay in quarantine and get the papers necessary to be transported to our partners in Europe, US, etc.

Galati is strategically located near Kherson (who sadly presently is on occupied territory) and Odessa.

We are just 8km from the border (Reni checkpoint) and can take animals in immediately. Your support will enable us to pay for the transport for rescue missions as well as veterinary and shelter care provided to dogs saved from Ukraine.

Send supplies (food, medicines for animals and food , hygiene products for people) across war zone in Ukraine

So far, ROLDA managed to send humanitarian supplies to Korosten, Zaporizhezhe, Mykolaiv as well as to Chernihiv (hay for farm animals).

Local rescuers distributing food for animals in Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia regions

Offer veterinary support and food for refugees’ pets arriving in Romania, Reni-Giurgiulesti and Isaccea

Thanks to our volunteers, we manage to translate leaflets in Ukrainian and distribute them at the border, in Giurgulesti-Reni and Isaccea checkpoints which explain that ROLDA provides hygiene supplies, food for refugees’ pets as well as free medical assistance.

Leaflet distributed by our volunteers in Tulcea

Supplies offered to the Ukrainian refugees in Tulcea

Other ways we helped

The war continues in south east of Ukraine. We need you!

Shelter in Mykolaiv bombed, cat unit burn out

Horse shelter burn

Shelter for dogs burn in Korosten


06.09 – sending funds for 100 animals to be sterilized by Inessa in Korosten

05.09 – transport supplies (food, medicines, food for humans) to Zaporizhezhe

02.09 – transport supplies (food, medicines) to Mykolaiv

24.08 – sending funds to Animals in Law in Irpin, Shelter Friend in Dnepr, Shelter Chance in Kherson

16.08 – sending funds to Lida from Hachiko shelter Korosten

06.08 – sending funds to Irina for drainage system for dogs shelter

06.08 – sending funds to 4 Paws Kherson

06.08 – sending funds to Tatiana in Vilnyansk for her cats and dogs

01.08 – sending funds to Irina from Animals in law in Irpen

14.07 – sending funds to Marinka for 12 tons of hay for farm animals

13.07 – sending funds to Snizhana in Kiev region

12.07 – 50 of the total dogs saved from Ukraine are already adopted

02.07 – sending funds to 4 Paws Kherson and Animal rescue Kharkiv

28.06 – raising funds to help Lida shelter who burn and transform in ashes

26.06 – 11 dogs from Korosten shelter arrived at ROLDA

25.06 – 400 kg food to shelter in Korosten

24.06 – sending funds to Chance shelter in Kherson and Irina in Zaporizhezhe

18.06 – sending funds for hay for farm animals in Chernihiv

17.06 – ordering hand made items to support farm animals in Chernihiv

11.06 – sending funds to Claire’s shelter in Poltava

06.06 – first rescued Ukrainian dogs adopted in the US and Sweden

05.06 – sending funds to Irina for building new kennels

27.05 – sending funds to Olga clinic

20.05 – rescue 10 dogs from Kyiv private shelter

18.05 – rescue 4 dogs from Anastasiia Animal SOS Odessa

09.05 – sending funds to Irina shelter in Zaporizhzhia

08.05 – sending funds to Claire’s shelter in Poltava

26.04 – 4 dogs were transported from the Mykolaiv war zone to safety at ROLDA

21.04 – sending funds to shelters in Dnepr, Korosten, Sirius near Kyiv, and Poltava

21.04 – transporting 5 t of food and supplies to shelters in Mykolaiv and Zaporizhezhe

02.04 – sending funds to Kherson (city under occupation)

29.03 – 15 dogs transported from Korosten (second transport)

New delivery of food to Inessa shelter in Korosten

28.03 – rescue 4 dogs from Anastasiia Animal SOS Odessa (plus an additional pup from her long way from Odessa to meet me at the border to deliver dogs)

25.03 – sending funds to shelter from Zaporizhezhe

24.03 – supplies sent to refugees camp in Tulcea and to the border at Isaccea for people fleeing with their pets from Ukraine

18.03 – 23 adult dogs collected from Kyiv and Cernauti areas

16.03 – 15 adults and 8 pups collected from Korosten shelter run by Inessa

Delivery of food to Inessa to be used for her shelter and given to pets owners who didn’t flee

16.03 – sending funds to shelter from Korosten

08.03 – sending funds to shelter from Kyiv

01.03 – ROLDA notified the DSV Galati that we are going to house permanently dogs evacuated from Ukraine and take care of their health, shelter them and prepare them to be adopted.

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About the shelters that ROLDA is in touch with

Shelter “Chance” in Kherson

The shelter in Kherson is a house for 600 dogs.
Raising funds for daily needs is more difficult for them because they are under occupation, they can’t receive humanitarian aid or rehome dogs abroad. Svetlana is trying to help the dogs from Kherson finding them homes in Belgium.

Kherson shelter – Angelina

Shelter “Give me a paw, friend” in Zaporizhzhia

The shelter in Zaporizhzhia was established in 2009 and has a no kill policy, helping disabled, sick dogs as well as animals affected by bullets or explosion in war zone, located 50 km from shelter. Often, they have limited access to food and medicines.
5 people are looking after 250 dogs (from which approx 50 disabled) and 70 cats. They also act like a hub for others shelters located nearby in Melitopol, Orekhov, Stepnogorsk and Matveevka.
Varvarka from Boston put us in touch with Irina, who runs the shelter from Ukraine and she kindly translated the communication.

Shelter in Korosten

Hachiko is the rescue shelter from Korosten run by a brave team lead by Inessa and Lida. ROLDA got in touch with them through Oksana, an animal lover from Ukraine who lives in Spain. The Hachiko shelter is modest, but the local rescuers do the best they can to provide a safe life to 70 dogs.

Small private shelter in Korosten – Inessa and Lida

Dogs from Korosten transported to safety at ROLDA

Food aid delivered

Shelter with 70 dogs in Korosten

Shelter in Kiev

In January 2022, Fox News explained that the city policy is to get rid of strays by 2030. At that time, 230 dogs and 50 cats were housed in the municipal shelter. Kiev was just another place from this Planet were dogs were about to be chased and executed. Soon after, the number of dogs from shelter doubled.
Not long after war started, Kiev was under siege making impossible for humanitarian aid to be sent, or for dogs to be extracted from shelters were they were in obvious danger.

Shelter in Poltava – Claire

Together, we will fight for the life of every abandoned pet!

Ukraine animals need us TODAY but also after the war will end.

Impact of your donation

● 60k USD grants made to Ukraine
● 40 tons of supplies delivered (food for animals and humans, hay for farm animals)
● 1 sterilization campaign completed
2 shelters helped to renovate/build new enclosures
● 94 dogs saved from war, of which 50% already rehomed in forever homes
● 15 rescuers and shelters helped across Ukraine

Together with ROLDA for Ukraine animals
Helping refugees pets

Rescuing dogs from war

Ukraine war & animals in danger

ROLDA received above photos from Ukrainian friends on Facebook, we have no responsibility about the copywriting claims because photos are used to reflect the situation and animals in Ukraine and have no commercial purpose.