Millions of innocent animals are condemned to suffer and die from the very moment they are born. Millions of puppies succumb to starvation, disease and violence, before their eyes are even open. But our eyes are open. We can see their suffering. By working together, by insisting that this injustice and cruelty cannot continue, it is within our power to have it stopped.

Click below to see how ROLDA managed to reduce humanely a population of 10000 strays in 6 years using minimal funding and logistics.

What if you are born in the worst place possible to be a dog…
Romania has by far the worst stray overpopulation issue when compared to all the Eastern and South Eastern countries in Europe. Tragically, the situation receives far less attention and media coverage when compared to countries like Greece, Turkey, and Spain. Primarily because Romania is not a major tourist destination. There are no outsiders to see the pain endured by our abandoned and abused animals. They sadly remain out of sight, out of mind, and of little interest to the international media.

Get involved to save dogs and #givehope

These dogs never loose hope, they cling to it. As we do, every day.

Hope is a priceless gift that we can give to the millions of abused and abandoned Romanian strays. What creature does not fight to keep their life? Struggle against impossible odds to protect and provide for their young? We have  far more in common with our four legged companions than perhaps we realize. And we have the power to transform their lives, to give them a safe, bright future. Without us? They have nothing, and no one.

We work to demand justice for the forgotten, for those who have no voice to speak up with. This dream is possible, but not without your support.

Sanctuary 2

This massive project started as unique alternative to save the strays from an imminent death. After negotiations with the local steel plant’ managers, for ROLDA became clear that building a large sanctuary where dogs will be sheltered until being adopted was the only way we could save them from being brutally mass killed, as it happened in the past, when dogs from steel plant were executed and disposed over the Danube river.

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Sanctuary 1

There is no place like home. But what if you are a homeless, abused dog? Printz Memorial Shelter was started in 2003 and within few months, already nominated one of the best dog shelters from Romania. This place not only represents ROLDA beginnings, it is not only our pride. It is a heaven for abused, neglected animals (dogs, but also a few cats) that have no other place to call home.

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Donkeys Rescue

Donkeys are 1st category of working animals exploited, abused and abandoned to die or ending up as meat for illegal trade industry. In order to accommodate donkeys in need of shelter and/or medical care, ROLDA opened a small sanctuary and in addition, started a project of free home care for donkeys that belong to poor rural community.

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ROLDA finances spay/neuter campaigns, the only humane alternative to control the massive number of dogs reproducing their sufferance on Romanian streets. Besides preventing the birth of thousands of new puppies, spay/neuter is an efficient method of reducing the risk of some types of cancer.

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Home is the most special thing someone can offer to a dog. And dog have a few things to give you in return: gratitude, loyalty, commitment, friendship and true love. It’s a win-win situation. We successfully adopted our dogs across Europe and only a few, in the United States. An adoption fee and transportation costs must be covered by adopter.

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International Volunteers

The heart and soul of our charity: the volunteers. They put their time, skills and energy at work for the voiceless in Romania. Over the years, we welcomed volunteers from the US, Australia and many countries from Europe. If you have special skills, if you can travel and visit our facilities in Romania, if you can help us from behind of your computer, from the comfort of your home, we’d love to hear from you.

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Senior Program

Addressed to senior animal lovers from across North America, we are bringing American and Canadian elders together to support seniors in our local Romanian villages. Our newsletters inform and help to educate people around the world about the dire situation for our poor communities, and their beloved companion animals, that risk seizure and certain death at the hands of local officials.

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There are no projects for Tomorrow if the young generation is not prepared and enough educated to continue, following the same mission and values. ROLDA organizes different creative (design, literature) contests for the youngest locals in order to help them become responsible pet owners.

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Rex Clinic

The first charitable clinic ever built to serve homeless and abused animals in a region of Romania where anyone else will. REX Clinic provides emergency care to critically ill dogs, cats, horses, and even donkeys. Equipment is desperately needed! Donations of microscopes, ECG machines always welcome.

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Social Program

ROLDA provides the vaccinations, sterilization, microchipping, and other services that ensure that low income people can comply with restrictive and costly legislation. We keep people together with the pets they love. Off the streets, and safe in the comfort of a loving home; rich or poor.

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Disaster Response

For both people and their pets who survived the terrible recent floods that created such hardship in our rural Romanian communities, your support of ROLDA work was crucial. Emergencies and disasters require dollars, Euros, and English pence. Even the smallest donation goes directly to poor people and their pets in distress.

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Organic Garden

We started planting trees (mostly acacia) to form a natural wind barrier, than we added some Paulownia trees to keep shadow during hot sunny days, than we decided to grow some medical plants, different other trees and aromatic herbs. And this is only the beginning.

Save Forest

One of Europe's most beautiful forest areas is disappearing piece by piece in Romania's Carpathian Mountains. Most of the logging is illegal. The wood is then sold to make flooring or heating pellets that are sold in Germany, Italy, France and other countries. We can ignore, sit and watch how our Planet‘s future is being destroyed and how wild life species suffer as a result, or we can take action.

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The number of street dogs in Romania is extremely high, estimated to be upwards of 2.5 million. The poorest areas (in the north and south-east of the country) have the highest number of strays. And this is where ROLDA decided to focus its activity. It’s not easy, but we never expected to be. It’s a major challenge, both emotionally and physically to rescue animals in Romania. We often feel that we are swimming in an ocean of problems where hope is the only life vest. So long as widespread poverty, a lack of education, and extensive corruption exist, it is very difficult to control the population of Romanian strays. To do this efficiently, humanely, effectively, and responsibly is an immense challenge. Nevertheless, ROLDA works 24/7 towards achieving that goal.



    Going after only the stray overpopulation problem is just temporarily treating the symptoms of a far bigger problem. Going after the root causes, the community perceptions of how and why these abuse and abandonment problems have come about, will provide permanent solutions. ROLDA is determined to address these issues, and confident, given our many years of involvement with rescue, animal rehabilitation, and local community work, that we will succeed.

    Failure has, and never will be, an option for our dedicated team of international staff and volunteers.


    Our team rescues, provides sheltering, rehabilitation, and rehome dogs all year round. Not just in Romania, but to loving families across the world. Our team works all day, every day, to save the lives of not just dogs, but so many other creatures.

    ROLDA strategy is always aimed at providing long term, permanent, sustainable solutions to the massive problem of abandoned, abused and stray animals everywhere we can.


    Many animal abuse and abandonment issues are largely the combined result of neglect and community indifference to these poor souls, coupled with a lack of understanding regarding the truly sad situation of millions of dumped animals in Romania.Low income families, and seniors, have the worst problems.

    This is why ROLDA works so hard in rural villages, to educate people, and thus improve the lot of the animals, and life in general, for all those living in the communities where we operate.


    The main reasons why stray dogs exist are because pets are abandoned, and as a result, uncontrolled reproduction results. Countless puppies and their mothers suffer slow deaths as a result. The males fight and injure each other, also ending in agonizing deaths alone in the ditches, streets, and local dumps.

    Sometimes citizens, even local children, are caught in the middle, and injured. Even deaths have resulted.

    But it does NOT have to be this way. Working together, this can be entirely preventable.

    ROLDA offers free sterilization, vaccinations, and microchipping to both dogs and cats, from poor communities, or anyone trying to keep their beloved pet. This drastically reduces the number of unwanted animal babies born. Those tiny creatures who would inevitably suffer slow and painful deaths, alone on the streets and in the back alleys.


    A one time gift or a legacy donation, will be maximixed for the benefit of homeless and abused dogs. And also the low income villagers, seniors, and even students, who do not want their four-legged friends taken away, and destroyed.

    Just to remind you, ROLDA is located in south east Romania, and we work tirelessly to serve one of the poorest regions of our country. Our sanctuaries are a real home for hundreds of dogs. The only home these dogs have ever known. And it never would have been possible without you.


ROLDA’s goal is to provide aid for each animal in need: the homeless, abused, malnourished, and abandoned. Using our extremely limited resources in a responsible, efficient and transparent way, we continue to adapt and improve ourselves each year. We have built, and continue to improve and maintain two private dog sanctuaries. We provide assistance to poor communities, offering free sterilization, microchips, and emergency food aid for their pets. We rehabilitate scared and shy dogs and give them the chance to be adopted. Are you curious to see the steps made to transform a semi-wild dog into a perfect pet?

Pet Dogs in Romania must be sterilized

To prevent abandonments provoked by financial reasons, ROLDA started a campaign to help low-income and impoverished pet owners sterilize, microchip, and register their dogs and cats.
Every year, thousands of unwanted puppies are born on the streets in Romania, where most of them die from distemper and other diseases.
Read more about ROLDA’s community pets campaign!

Be the change that you want to see for the voiceless friends of our planet

Permanent, meaningful change for the millions of suffering animals worldwide starts with you. Be the change that you want to see for those who don’t have a voice! Join us in creating a better world!