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Our work


Our work

ROLDA never put to sleep healthy animals.

We never turn back
to an animal in need.

ROLDA provide
forever care.

We never
give up.

Present situation in Romania

Dogs suffer on the street

Dogs life in PS are a nightmare

Animals are often abused

Cats also suffer on the street

Working animals (horses, donkeys) are often abused

Ukrainian animals need help. War is just a few km from ROLDA

Romania has by far the worst stray overpopulation issue when compared to all the Eastern and South-Eastern countries in Europe.

Millions of innocent animals are condemned to suffer and die from the very moment they are born. Millions of puppies succumb to starvation, disease, and violence before their eyes are even open. But our eyes are open. We can see their suffering.

Tragically, the situation receives far less attention and media coverage when compared to countries like Greece, Turkey, and Spain. Primarily because Romania is not a major tourist destination. There are no outsiders to see the pain endured by our abandoned and abused animals. They sadly remain out of sight, out of mind, and of little interest to the international media.

Help ROLDA to save abused, neglected, homeless animals in Romania! These animals never lose hope, they cling to it. As we do, every day. Hope is a priceless gift that we can give to the millions of abused and abandoned Romanian strays. What creature does not fight to keep its life? Struggle against impossible odds to protect and provide for their young? We have far more in common with our four-legged companions than perhaps we realize.

And we have the power to transform their lives, to give them a safe, decent future. Without us? They have nothing and no one. We work to demand justice for the forgotten, for those who have no voice to speak up with. This dream is possible, but not without your support.

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ROLDA work is transparent, measurable and efficient

We focus on


People pets


Rescue, provide medical care and sheltering for homeless animals

Dog shelter 1

where we prepare rescued dogs of all ages to be ready to go their new forever homes.

Dog shelter 2

where we provide daily care and rehabilitation for hundreds of dogs, as well as permanent shelter for many seniors for the rest of their life if they are not adopted.

Shelter for senior and disabled cats

where they receive forever care.

PawzUp project:

An ambitious dream to bring people and animals together and allow them to help one another and enjoy each other’s company.

Cost:  approx 5250000 USD

Services for: dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, other small farm animals

Animal related work includes:

Small grants to other shelters from Romania

Starting in 2021, when the COVID crisis dramatically affected the charity sector, ROLDA searched for reliable Romanian organizations to partner with. The first one we chose was a small cat charity from Tulcea, which was such a great fit that it inspired us to reach out to other such organizations. Today, we regularly help six different charities and hope to increase the monthly donations we send them, as well as select others to support if funds allow it.

Helping animals in war in Ukraine

#UkraineAnimals When war broke out with the first random bombings of Ukrainian cities in the middle of the night, people took whatever they could get their hands on and fled. Some brought their animals, and some left them behind. ROLDA thought of the animals of refugees coming in and looked for accommodation that would receive them and of the animals left behind and periodically sends food, supplies, and money to animal rescuers still operational in Ukraine.

Support animals during disaster (e.g. earthquake in Syria)

Sorrows bring us together. But when human lives are so easily lost and difficult to save after a natural disaster, caring for animals is usually not a priority to first responders. This is why ROLDA exists. So that those intervening can focus on solving what is most urgent while we set up the support network in the background. We did so after the earthquake in Syria-Turkey and after the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Send food to other rescuers

With the considerable price hikes that have been registered since the end of 2022, managing day-to-day expenses has become challenging. Less money for people means fewer donations to charities. This is why we stepped in to send food to the partners we made to extend our support network. Therefore, the Tulcea cat sanctuary, several animal rescues in war-ridden Ukraine, and other small animal charities in the country benefit from regular food shipments from ROLDA.

Rescue dogs from PS

#CloseIllegalShelters Despite ROLDA’s constant efforts to get as many dogs as possible out of state-owned dog pounds, the number of animals in dire need of help is more than we can handle. As much as the capacity of our own shelters will permit it, we will continue in our endeavor. But the EU Commission needs to act and close down the sub-standard units to force administrators to offer decent conditions and become accountable for what happens there.

International adoption

“Rescued in Romania, loved all over the world” is our motto, as it stems from our core mission of finding a forever home for each dog. To this end, we have very dedicated teams of people working in Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, to promote our dogs, make pre-adoption house checks, and visit to see how the dogs are doing in their new homes. Their contribution and efforts are hugely appreciated

Behavior assessment for rescued dogs

Our dogs' behavioral and psychological assessments enable us to rehome them in Romania and across Europe successfully. ROLDA’s shelter and medical staff are highly experienced in interpreting canine body language and behavior patterns. We understand dogs change over their lives just as humans do, and we guarantee potential adopters receive updated information to help them make the right decision. Also, with the help of our international teams, checking in periodically, we know how our adopted dogs fit in.

International volunteers

Since opening our shelter in 2004, ROLDA has welcomed volunteers from all over the world, people eager to work with dogs, and, as of 2023, senior and disabled cats. How to get here? The Bucharest airport is the nearest, then you need to take a train, bus, or rented car to the county of Galati. The shelter is nearby, accessible by bus or car. At the end of your stay, a letter of recommendation will be provided for you. Please check more about volunteering opportunities.


How ROLDA support pets from poor communities:

Pay for sterilization and medical aid for dogs and cats. Read more

Accept in our care dogs who are about to be abandoned on the streets.

Welcome seniors and disabled cats from people who can’t afford their care.

>Support for people to learn how to look after their pets and participate in a National Study to communicate better with their dog, and correct behavior issues that often lead to animal abandon

Donate doghouses to protect dogs living outside against extreme weather

Why such support is vital and save animal lives in rural areas?

People from rural areas live in dark poverty, have poorly paid jobs (or no job at all), lots of family members to look after. With a tough life to survive from a day to another, the pets owned by these people (like dogs, cats) do not represent a financial priority for them.

Helped by our partners and sponsors, working with local vets, ROLDA pays for the sterilization or medical emergencies for the pets from rural communities to ensure that low-income people can:

1. comply with restrictive and costly legislation, avoid huge fines
2. keep their beloved pets home instead of abandoning them
3. offer a decent life and the medical care for these pets
4. offer a humane alternative to drastically reduce the number of unwanted animal babies born or the number of abandoned animals

Community programs for people who respect animals

Coloring book created from scratch by ROLDA team helped by a very talented student and expert advices to transform it into a pleasant and easy journey for kids to learn about what their pet needs.

Help people (especially kids) learn to understand dog’s body language and avoid possible situations when dogs might become aggressive.

#FriendsForever created to help seniors keep their pets healthy and never be forced to abandon probably the only friend they have.

International volunteers, dog and cat lovers are welcomed at ROLDA shelter.

ROLDA Ambassadors are great people who help us for free by promoting our work in their community: wearing a t-shirt, a sticker.

Shop to help animals, as well as local artisans and receive unique items made by hand in Romania.

Podcasts, guides, posters and freebies to make people aware of how important animals are in our lives

ROLDA’s new initiative aims to develop with community support an interactive map of pet-friendly businesses in Romania.

Always Home program was created for people from Romania who need refuge for their pets after they are no longer.

Case study

Click below to see how ROLDA managed to reduce in 6 years a population of strays from 10.000 to 1.000, using humane methods, minimal funding and logistics.

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ROLDA Humane Impact

We provide humane solutions

Going after only the stray overpopulation problem is just temporarily treating the symptoms of a far bigger problem. Going after the root causes, the community perceptions of how and why these abuse and abandonment problems have started, will provide permanent solutions. ROLDA is determined to address these issues, and confident, given our many years of involvement with rescue, animal rehabilitation, and local community work, that we will succeed.
Failure has, and never will be, an option for our dedicated team of international staff and volunteers.

We rescue, provide sheltering and rehabilitation. But is it enough?

Our team rescues, provides sheltering, rehabilitation and rehome animals all year round. Not just in Romania, but to loving families across the world. Our team works all day, every day, to save the lives of not just dogs, but cats and other creatures.
ROLDA strategy is always aimed at providing long term, permanent, sustainable solutions to the massive problem of abandoned, abused and homeless animals everywhere we can.

We fight indifference, poverty, lack of education

Many animal abuses and abandonment issues are largely the combined result of neglect and community indifference to these poor souls, coupled with a lack of understanding regarding the truly sad situation of millions of dumped animals in Romania. Low-income families and seniors have the worst problems.
This is why ROLDA works so hard in rural villages, to educate people and thus improve a lot of the animals, and life in general, for all those living in the communities where we operate.

We fight abandon and uncontrolled reproduction

The main reasons why stray animals exist are because pets are abandoned, and as a result, uncontrolled reproduction results. Countless litters and their mothers suffer slow deaths as a result. The males fight and injure each other, also ending in agonizing deaths alone in the ditches, streets, and local dumps.
Sometimes citizens, even local children, are caught in the middle and injured. Even deaths have resulted.
But it does NOT have to be this way. Working together, this can be entirely preventable.
ROLDA offers free sterilization to dogs and cats from poor communities. This drastically reduces the number of unwanted animal babies born. Those tiny creatures who would inevitably suffer slow and painful deaths, alone on the streets and in the back alleys.

Be part of our humane solution!

A one time gift or a legacy donation will be maximized for the benefit of homeless and abused animals. And also divine support for the low-income villagers, especially seniors who do not want their four-legged friends taken away and destroy.
Just to remind you, ROLDA is located in southeast Romania and we work tirelessly to serve one of the poorest regions of our country. Our shelters are a real &forever home for hundreds of dogs and cats. The only home these animals have ever known. And it never would have been possible without you.

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Dogs, dogs, dogs…

ROLDA’s goal is to provide aid for each animal in need: the homeless, abused, malnourished, and abandoned. Using our extremely limited resources in a responsible, efficient and transparent way, we continue to adapt and improve ourselves each year.

We have built, and continue to improve and maintain two private dog sanctuaries. We provide assistance to poor communities, offering free sterilization, microchips, and emergency food aid for their pets. We rehabilitate scared and shy dogs and give them the chance to be adopted.

Are you curious to see the steps made to transform a semi-wild dog into a perfect pet?