The plight of Ukrainian animals: the situation is deteriorating with every hour!

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Together, we can transform the future of each rescued dog.

Because every animal deserves to be respected.

Saving Lisa

This little one is Lisa – a Romanian street dog, found in a terrible state after being attacked by a group of larger dogs. She was traumatised by the attack, shaking and subdued. Our team immediately fell in love with her! She is such a beautiful, loving little dog who simply needs a helping hand to overcome her trauma. Lisa is currently receiving veterinary care for her wounds, as well as lots of TLC to get her eyes sparkling and tail wagging once again.

ROLDA Awareness Movement

At ROLDA, we prefer not to print literature because we endeavour to plough as many donations as possible into rescuing abandoned and abused animals. But in some cases, printing literature is the only way to raise awareness of our work. Find out what ROLDA has achieved lately for the community of Romanian animal lovers, and what are we planning for the future.

Rescue in Ukraine continues

Mykolaiv is hot spot in Ukraine, where war continues. Across south east of Ukraine, we have contacts with mini shelters with hundreds of animals. Not long ago, water pipe was destroyed by war. Besides food, water became a luxury for people and animals in the region who also need to protect themselves from bullets and missiles. These 5 dogs were extracted from war zone and currently safe in our shelter in Romania.

Did you know that…

7 out of 10 new born pups don’t survive in Romania

Help the ROLDA Rescue Team to save puppies like Valerie

Little Valerie had terrible diarrhoea, which is so detrimental to a dog’s health. She was starving and dehydrated, and she eventually died an agonising death. We want to help as many vulnerable animals in need as we possibly can. Help us to protect pups like Valerie. Just $21 will help us to save 7 pups, just like Valerie. Together, we can make a difference to the lives of Romania’s dogs.

No dog deserves to suffer like they do in Romania

Campaign 2022: #UnchainDogs

ROLDA helps free dogs from their chains whenever possible. Injured dogs are easier to free because their owners don’t want to waste money on their treatment. Without our intervention, these poor dogs would continue to live imprisoned and in pain.

Goals and dreams

Reasons to continue to support ROLDA

1500 sterilizations

ROLDA’s goal for 2022 is to sterilize 1500 dogs and cats, and to expand our support in other regions outside of Galati, like Tulcea and Olt where we identified reliable volunteers that work with local vets at a reasonable price.

National Study

This is a free online course created to help the owners of cats and dogs to better understand and communicate with their four-legged friends. We aim to solve behaviour issues, prevent animal abandonment, and rebuild the human-dog bond, helping dogs to keep their secure homes – forever.

Help Tulcea

“A few months ago, we were desperately reaching out for support to animal aid organisations around the world, as we are focusing on animal rescue in Romania. Very few have replied, and the only one that actually offered support were our neighbours based in Galati, ROLDA.”

#ROLDAdogs give unconditional love, no matter what

ROLDA Dogs of the Month!

If you thought Santa came to leave something in a bag for this pretty dog, think again. Someone threw 2 pups into a bag and abandoned them, together with their mother, who was tied to our shelter gate. They were disposed of at -20C degrees. When our caretakers saw something moving in the bag, they knew what to expect. Read more about Luna, Bella and Teddy…

What do ROLDA dogs mean to people?

Unconditional love.

I would like to thank you and your staff for blessing us with such a wonderful dog, Cookie is adorable. We got him in September and as the days passed settling in, delightful characteristics unfolded. His excited pant on greeting you, his nose erect then breaking out into a funny bellowing howl. Wriggling on his back contentedly alleviating his itch and his big paws shaking about, he resembled Baloo the hilarious gentle bear in the cartoon Jungle Book! Our Baloo had landed and certainly won a big place in our hearts! So from the bottom of our hearts we would like to take the pleasure again of saying A BIG THANK YOU!

Avril from UK
December 2021

Reasons to continue to support ROLDA

ROLDA transforms the future of stray dogs

Even though Doina was someone’s pet, she was never given a name. It was us who named her Doina when her family brought her to us after their other dog (who is more than twice her size) bit off her left eye.

ROLDA educates new generations

We created a section on our Romanian website addressed to children who have or want to have a pet, enabling them to learn about the needs of dogs and how they should treat and respect pets. In parallel, we print and share for free a coloring book for kids from rural areas.

ROLDA cares about pets and their owners

People from rural areas often live in terrible conditions, and so it is hard to demand that these people put their pets at the top of their priority list. At ROLDA, we believe good pet owners should be supported and this is why we pay emergency vet bills and sterilizations, as well as offer food.

With your help…

We’ve funded 468 social projects, including food aid, medical emergencies and sterilisation, helping a total of 3436 pets from poor communities.

But there’s still more to be done.

We still need your support. Here’s how you can get involved…

Donate once or monthly to help a stray dog

Make a gift in your will to change a dog’s future

Become an Ambassador – The easiest, free way to help animals in need

Give differently

Special care is needed for our 300 senior dogs

We have over 300 senior dogs in our shelters.
It takes dedicated people to understand their particular needs.
Meet Sierra and Fade. They need you!

How can YOU make happy senior dogs like Sierra and Fade?

Sponsor or adopt a senior dog from a distance

Buy a virtual gift that improves the lives of ROLDA dogs

Join the Teaming group for only 1 E/month

Become a ROLDA Ambassador and you help #ROLDAdogs for free

Take action and start creating a chain reaction!

Complete the form to receive a promotion pack by post.

Do Ambassadors make a difference?
Yes! Absolutely!

When you spend just 3 minutes reaching out to people, even if it’s just one person, you are starting a chain reaction of new ROLDA supporters that can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dogs.


ROLDA is an international animal welfare organization operating in Romania to solve humanely, efficiently, and responsibly the stray dog population in Romania, which is estimated to be 2.5 million. ROLDA has a strict no-kill policy. Our key focuses are rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, spay/neuter, social programs, and education.


Animals abandonment
Uncontrolled animals reproduction
Animals cruelty
Animals euthanasia
Wild animals in captivity
Live animals smuggling


Run 2 shelters that comply with EU regulation
Provide free spay/neuter campaign in 3 counties across Romania
Rehome dogs in countries where we have reliable partners
Campaign against illegal (public) shelters
Educate community members to be responsible pet owners
Campaign against animal abuse


You and I have funded


Animals helped




Social cases


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