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The illegal animal trade is a billion-dollar business that only exists because there is a demand. If people did not demand animals—for food, medicine, trophies, clothing, and so forth—no one would bother to smuggle them.

Animal trafficking happens everywhere, and it involves many people. The animals are subjected to brutal conditions that cause fear, anguish, pain, and trauma. In fact, many of them die before they reach their destinations.

One of the driving forces behind the wildlife trade is the desire to own exotic pets, such as tigers, alligators, bears, monkeys, and eagles. These animals are separated from their families— usually from birth—and removed from their habitats, and placed in unfamiliar environments to which they are not accustomed. These changes can be devastating to the animal and even life-threatening. And when animals are trafficked to be used in exotic dishes, their being alive or dead is irrelevant and is therefore treated worse.

Another branch of the wildlife trade is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a health care system that dates back to the third century BC. TCM has helped drive some animal species to the brink of extinction. Despite the advances modern medicine has made, TCM remains popular today even though its efficacy has been widely unproven. Rhino horn, tiger bones, and bear bile are the most common animals hunted and trafficked for their body parts used in TCM.

Over the years, many countries have taken steps to fight wildlife trafficking, but it continues to thrive while animals are increasingly becoming endangered or pushed to extinction. Wildlife trafficking will only be eradicated when there is no more demand for animals.

Though ROLDA’s focus is the rescue and rehoming of stray animals in Galati, we are actively involved in advocating for the end of wildlife trafficking in our community and worldwide. We lend our voice and support to animal activists and organizations fighting for the end of this horrific trade.

We try to involve our supporters through petitions and campaigning, and we encourage them to spread the word about animal trafficking to ensure that it becomes and remains a topic of concern in their community. ROLDA understands that this is a global problem that needs a global response, and we are here to do our part in any way we can.

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How you can join ROLDA fight against illegal live animals transport

Do not buy exotic pets

Do not buy objects created from animals’ body parts

Use #StopAnimalSmuggling to relevant posts on your social media channels

Don’t turn your head, don’t stay indifferent!

Write us at or Whatsapp 0040748903612 if you know details about animal cruelty case or if you see/find an animal abused.

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Animal Protection Police (Galati)
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