Our Solution to End the Stray Crisis in Romania

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Lack of sterilization

Lack of law enforcement

Corrupt authorities

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Organizes sterilization campaigns

Assists impoverished dog owners

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Spay means less strays!

Stray dogs in Romania are multiplying at alarming rates. There are an estimated 2.5 million stray dogs in Romania—one of the highest stray populations in the world.The most effective—and humane—solution to prevent stray dogs from multiplying is sterilization. ROLDA sterilizes approx 1000 dogs each year. This is a small number by comparison, but by sterilizing one dog we are saving thousands more from unnecessary suffering and death.


The upcoming sterilization campaigns addressed to dogs from communities with limited financial possibilities, within Galati region, will continue to be organized from spring to late fall time, depending on funds availability.

According to PETA, “Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years.” Every day, millions of stray dogs die from hunger, disease, abuse,
and neglect. We at ROLDA believe that this is a problem that can be controlled, solved, and avoided by sterilization.

Euthanizing a healthy dog is both unethical and inhumane. The World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes that euthanizing mass populations of dogs to combat stray overpopulation only produces short-term effects. Even maximal catching rates (up to 24% of dog population per year) make no significant impact because other strays will eventually migrate into the “swept” area to fill the ecological niche.

The only humane solution to end stray dog overpopulation is sterilization.

What is sterilization? A routine surgical procedure that can prevent thousands of unwanted puppies from being born. Neutering is the sterilization of male dogs, and spaying is the sterilization of female dogs.

ROLDA’s Policy about earliest age for sterilization. Pet dogs may be neutered as early as 7-8 weeks with no adverse effects on their physical and social development, because they are not exposed to the same stresses and hazards as a free ranging street pup. Hence, the decision has
been made not to neuter street pups until they are at least 3-4 months old because they are not independent of (and maybe should not be separated from) adult care until they are 3-4 months old.

TV Spot – Sterilization Campaign

This TV spot was created by our friend Alina to sustain our efforts to raise awareness about the importance of sterilizing dogs (and cats) in countries like Romania.

For Romanian language version, click here

ROLDA Pet Sterilization Campaign (for dogs with human companions)

This is a social program launched by ROLDA to assist impoverished dog owners with the cost of feeding, sterilizing, microchipping, and registering their dogs.

Where: villages in Galati, Romania (one of the poorest regions in the country)
When: several times per year; or as often as our budget allows; or when we receive a grant or a very generous donation to fund a campaign
Campaign Cost: €2600 to sterilize and microchip 100 dogs
Individual Cost: €26 to sterilize, microchip, and register 1 dog

ROLDA works with Dr. Andrei (ROLDA sponsor the sterilization and microchipping campaigns) during each sterilization campaign.

ROLDA Sterilization Campaign for stray dogs

What we do:

  1. Sterilize dogs rescued by ROLDA from the streets *
  2.  Sterilize dogs brought to our sanctuary by their owners
  3.  Sterilize dogs with limited-income families who cannot afford to pay for the procedure

*Note: Since 2016, it is illegal to sterilize stray dogs and release them back to the streets. ROLDA only sterilizes dogs who can remain in its sanctuary after being rescued.

Thanks to our supporters, we have sterilized close to 20000 dogs and cats in Galati region, south east of Romania. Even though 75% of the strays in Galati have been sterilized, the remaining 25% can potentially reproduce thousands more unwanted puppies on the streets.

Are ROLDA Sterilization Campaigns Effective?

Yes! Each ROLDA sterilization campaign effectively:

  1. Reduces the number of unwanted puppies born on the streets
  2. Controls dog abandonment with microchipping (included with each sterilization)
Will you be part of the solution?

By sterilizing just one dog, we are preventing thousands of unwanted puppies from being born on the streets. Think of how much needless suffering you can prevent by donating just €26 to sterilize one dog!

More than 50% of puppies born on the streets die within the first week. Stray dogs suffer unimaginable pain throughout their short lives. Each day, millions die from starvation, disease, abuse, and neglect. Yet, their numbers are always growing—these days, faster than ever!

Sterilization is the only humane way to end this unnecessary suffering!
Be part of the solution! Donate to neuter or spay a stray today!

Sterilization Campaigns at glance

Sterilization campaign

Sterilization campaign

Sterilization campaign

Sterilization campaign

Sterilization campaign

Sterilization campaign

Sterilization campaign