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Spay means less strays!

Stray animals in Romania are multiplying at alarming rates. The country has one of the highest stray populations in the world.

Spay means less strays!

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

The most effective—and humane—solution to control strays overpopulation is sterilization. ROLDA pays for sterilizations for thousands of dogs and cats each year. This is a small number by comparison, but by sterilizing one, we are saving thousands more from unnecessary suffering and death.

What we currently do

Sterilize pets owned by poor communities

Social program launched by ROLDA to assist impoverished pet owners with the cost of sterilizing their animals.

Sterilize dogs rescued by ROLDA from the streets

Since 2016, it is illegal to sterilize stray dogs and release them back to the streets. ROLDA sterilizes dogs who can remain in own shelter after being rescued.

Sterilize in other cities

ROLDA contributes to other rescuers efforts to sterilize dogs and cats from different cities across Romania (Caracal, Tulcea etc)

Sterilize animals in Ukraine

Working with local rescuers, ROLDA pays for sterilizations of dogs and cats looked after by compassionate citizens in Ukraine.

Thanks to our supporters, we have sterilized over 20000 dogs and cats in the Galati region, southeast of Romania. Even though 75% of the strays in Galati have been sterilized, the remaining 25% can potentially reproduce thousands more unwanted puppies or kittens on the streets.

ROLDA Sterilization Campaign in numbers

Frequently asked questions

Some of your questions answered

Who are the beneficiaries of sterilization campaigns sponsored by ROLDA?

1. Dogs rescued by ROLDA from the streets;
2. Dogs brought to our sanctuary by their owners
3. Pets from families with limited-income who cannot afford to pay for the procedure

What is sterilization?

A routine surgical procedure that can prevent thousands of unwanted puppies or kittens from being born. Neutering is the sterilization of males and spaying is the sterilization of females.

Are ROLDA sterilization campaigns effective?

Yes! Each ROLDA sterilization campaign effectively:
● Reduces the number of unwanted puppies or kittens born on the streets
● Controls animal abandonment.

What is the ROLDA’s policy about earliest age for sterilization?

Pet puppies may be neutered as early as 9-12 months old with no adverse effects on their physical and social development because they are not exposed to the same stresses and hazards as a free-ranging street pup. It is ROLDA decision not to neuter street pups until they are at least 6 months old for males and 9 months old for females to enable them to fully grow and also, avoid any accident during the surgery procedure.

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Will you be part of the solution?

By sterilizing just one dog or cat, we are preventing thousands of unwanted animals from being born on the streets. Think of how much needless suffering you can prevent by donating just €52 to sterilize one dog!

Donate for one or as many animals as you can to be sterilized.

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More than 50% of litters born on the streets die within the first week. Street animals suffer unimaginable pain throughout their short lives. Each day, countless die from starvation, disease, abuse, and neglect.

Yet, their numbers are always growing—these days, faster than ever! Sterilization is the only humane way to end this unnecessary suffering!

Be part of the solution!
Donate to neuter or spay a stray, today!

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