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Build PawzUp Center

Build PawzUp Center
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$265000 Raised
$5.250.000 Goal

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PawzUp Center

The first cage-free shelter from Romania is projected to bring people and animals together and allow them to help one another and enjoy each other’s company.

Why PawzUp project? Because…

…we care about animals from disadvantaged communities
ROLDA operates in the southeast, one of the poorest regions of Romania. Here a family of 4 (or more) members often survives with as low as 200 EUR a month.
Housepets (cats, dogs) and working animals (horses, donkeys) constantly risk abandonment. There are around 200.000 street dogs estimated in our region* and they are exposed daily to risks such as starvation, disease, or death.

…animals don’t have access to complete services for diagnosis and post-surgery recovery
The good local private veterinary hospitals (which are less than the fingers of a hand) can’t cope with the huge numbers of animals in need, they often have to choose whom to keep in for recovery. Also, their services are extremely expensive and prohibited for people who barely afford to feed their families. On the other hand, the large animals face a grisly fate since there are absolutely no veterinary clinics equipped to meet their needs, only improvisations.

…people need the company of animals
After years of experiencing first-hand the positive impact of animals on people’s lives, we dare say that people need animals, too.
We want PawzUp to be a strong foundation upon which we can rebuild the relationship between humans and animals. It is no secret that our voiceless friends have the capacity to reveal our best version. Animals help us be healthier, happier, and definitely less alone. Our kids are more sociable and more empathic when they grow up with pet companions.

Expected challenges

● The price of building materials is very unpredictable

● The rise in fuel cost, electricity

● The lack of serious and skilled builders

● The total cost of the project was split by buildings, with each building split again into a few stages to make everything more transparent and controllable

● Carefully plan how each building will be ready to serve animals in need as quickly as possible, without „disturbing” the ongoing activity of the dog shelter.

The big numbers

● 300000 small and farm animals will benefit from PawzUp services

● Approx 2000 animals will be helped every year

● 1 million people of all ages (including seniors and children) will experience a unique, authentic and rewarding experience around animals in need of human friends

Discover all the services that PawzUp Center is set to provide to the next generations to help them learn more about animal rights, animal welfare, and how to look after their own pets in the best possible way.




Provide veterinary

Social services for
poor pets

Training – for volunteers, employers

Interaction humans – animals – for visitors, volunteers

Education the public – for visitors

Therapy for seniors with shelter animals

What are the buildings reunited in the PawzUp project?

(listed in the order will be built)

What’s next?

At this stage, we are busy fencing the new land to secure the whole property of 6.5 hectares.
After that, we install a surveillance system to protect our animals and the whole investment.
A team of architects & specialists is busy finishing a mountain of documentation necessary to get new permits and authorizations from various institutions.

Click here to see the estimated costs of each building (based on the price of building materials as of august 2022). In total we have 7 buildings and the construction work is prioritized in a manner that will not affect the ongoing activity at the shelter. Let’s not forget that the PawzUp Center is partially built over the location where the ROLDA large shelter continues to function. With 600 dogs in our care, we can’t and we don’t want to stop the daily work while all the building work is happening.

Optimistically, we estimate that the 7 buildings will be all fully operational in 2026.

As soon as each building is completed, we will make a new estimation of the costs needed for furniture, accessories, and equipment to make it functional.

We estimate that PawzUp’s running costs will be approx 25000 €/month, compared with the current budget. New costs will include additional staff, increased electric bills (balanced by the use of solar panels), and costs incurred with new types of animals to care for: cats, and farm animals. Current costs will be diminished by using their own veterinary and by reducing the number of dogs housed by 30%.

The „green” corner. Do you know that…?

PawzUp will have its own small station for wastewater treatment plants (required by the law) as well as solar panels to reduce the monthly costs of electricity. An industrial generator will function as a backup solution during power outages.

*The region which PawzUp will serve includes Galati, Braila, Tulcea, Buzau, Vrancea, and Vaslui.

Special opportunities during the construction stage

As an individual or as a company, you have the opportunity to name one of our 7 buildings by sponsoring its entire costs.

The costs of the buildings are listed here.

As a more affordable option, you can buy virtual brick/s of 100 or 200 USD and your name will be added to the Virtual Wall of Fame here.
Stay tuned for more sponsoring opportunities.

Transparency is important for ROLDA, as well as showing gratitude to our dedicated supporters.
Individual donations are listed in the right column. When you make a donation directly on this page, your name and the amount will appear automatically. If you send a check or wire a donation marked “for PawzUp”, we will add your donation manually. In case you don’t see your name and amount donated listed, please send us an email at


Estimated cost $5250000

Wall of fame
  • Helen legacy $240000
  • Anonymous $25000
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Ongoing costs
#FriendsForever: a project to keep elderly people and their pets together
3 Donors
$80 Raised
$14000 Goal

#FriendsForever was created by ROLDA to help seniors keep their pets healthy and prevent them from being forced to abandon the only friend they may have.

Ongoing costs
The Health of hundreds of animals is in Your Hands!
Vaccines needed for our dogs
4 Donors
$1049.04 Raised
$3.500 Goal

In a shelter with hundreds of dogs, highly contagious diseases – such as distemper – could be devastating. This is why ROLDA imposes a strict quarantine period for all new rescued dogs, during which they receive broad-spectrum vaccines before they are let socialize with current residents of our shelter. However, vaccinations must be ‘topped-up’ annually with booster shots.

Ongoing costs
Protection against deadly heartworm (Dirofilaria)
Dogs vs Dirofilaria
0 Donors
$21308 Raised
$34.300 Goal

A much deadlier condition we must protect our dogs from is the lethal heartworm, a parasite found in mosquitoes which can be passed on to dogs from bites. Heartworms – as the name suggests – find a home in the cardiovascular systems of dogs and eventually cause fatal heart disease. What makes heartworms such deadly killers is the early stages of infection are very subtle and difficult to spot.

Ongoing costs
Protection against common parasites
Protection against common parasites
1 Donors
$21358 Raised
$47.700 Goal

Parasites – such as fleas and ticks – may be tiny but the risk they pose to our dogs’ health can be huge. Ticks – a danger to humans and dog alike – carry Lyme disease, can cause severe anaemia, even seizures in case of weak puppies. Fleas – whilst more of a nuisance – can cause severe infections, especially from repeated scratching and breaking of the skin. Prevention is better than cure in all cases. ‘Spot-On’ treatments are effective in the case of fleas and ticks.

Ongoing costs
Free doghouses for dogs kept outside
Build a doghouse
1 Donors
$30 Raised
$33.000 Goal

Romanian culture of dog ownership may seem harsh compared to Western Europe where dogs are often lucky enough to sleep in their master’s bed! In the countryside, usually, dogs ‘live’ outside, in gardens, and are rarely allowed indoors. This is often because many Romanians fear thieves or wild animals entering their property and dogs act as a deterrent. By supporting ROLDA’s doghouse project today, you are giving dogs in Romania the instant relief they seek and the refuge they need to survive.