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Sadly, our society continues to accept and condone animal cruelty through indifference and ignorance. Despite the numerous animal welfare organizations that exist today, animal cruelty remains a severe issue because it is a systemic problem in many cultures.

Factory farming, animal experimentation, poaching, and hunting are types of animal cruelty, and the list goes on. In Galati, the most common types of animal cruelty are abuse and neglect.

When people think of animal cruelty, they often think of violence inflicted on an animal. However, a common form of animal abuse is neglect. Many pets spend their entire lives in neglectful circumstances and eventually die of dehydration, malnutrition, untreated diseases, or other conditions. Negligence does not justify animal cruelty, and ROLDA helps prevent further abuse and helps bring animal abusers to justice.

ROLDA continuously organizes protests & petitions, and advocates for stricter punishment for animal abusers. Since most animal cruelty occurs in private, we also depend on community members to denounce animal abusers for us and the authorities to act.

ROLDA also rescues pets and provide them with medical treatment and physical and psychological rehabilitation, but also fights for livestock and captive wild animals rights, to be rescued from abusive homes and situations.

Many dogs survive their injuries, overcome their trauma, and live healthy lives in our shelters or forever homes. Sadly, animals who have suffered irreversible health effects or life-threatening injuries either succumb to their trauma.

If everyone started treating all animals, regardless the specie, as sentient beings who deserve love and respect, animal cruelty would be nonexistent. We believe that people can change the way they treat animals, so ROLDA has also initiated a social program that educates people on how to be responsible pet owners and how to be respectful of stray animals. We also provide financial assistance to low-income pet owners to help pay for veterinary bills, including expensive surgeries and long-term medical treatments, so their pets don’t suffer.

To fight animal cruelty Worldwide, it takes more than a few individuals but together, we can teach more people to respect animals. We need to stand up for animals who are being abused and neglected. Our choices can have a huge impact—if we choose to end animal cruelty, if more of us are willing to speak up for the voiceless, we can create a society where animals are revered, appreciated, and loved by all.

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On ROLDA Shop, you can find a simple object that will alert you when it’s too hot inside your car for the dog.


Help ROLDA break the dog chains! Don’t be an animal abuser! Don’t be part of animal abuse!

Don’t turn your head, don’t stay indifferent!

Write us at or Whatsapp 0040748903612 if you know details about animal cruelty case or if you see/find an animal abused.

Report an abuse immediately!

Animal Protection Police (Galati)
Call: 0236407000 or 0040755125992

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Call: 112

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