ROLDA has worked with local schools to educate students about treating animals with respect and compassion because they are sentient beings who feel fear and pain and experience loss and love. We teach that abused animals suffer physical and emotional trauma that can lead to poor life quality if left untreated.

We organize creative contests for local children to help them become responsible pet owners.
Kids have asked for our help to sterilize their dogs because they now understand the importance of sterilization and do not want to see their pets abandoned or killed. All pets in Romania must be neutered, microchipped and registered. Failure to do so results in fines between €1,100 and €2,200. Most pet owners cannot afford to sterilize, microchip and register their pets, so some choose to abandon their pets to avoid the fines.
These kids have asked for our help, and we will help them!

Other ROLDA programs that address to children are:

A Romanian student created a coloring book to help educate children on animal welfare. We are currently searching for sponsors to print and distribute in disadvantaged rural areas.

We have a section on our Romanian website addressed to children who have or want to have a pet, enabling them to learn about the needs of dogs and how they should treat and respect pets.

‘Speak Toto’s Language’ is one of the few brochures we created to educate people (especially children) from our local rural area about dogs’ body language. We aim to prevent aggression against humans.