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ROLDA is officially registered as a Romanian charitable organization #18416340, file #1/08.02.2006 at the Galati Court of Justice. ROLDA is a nonprofit, non-political and non-religious foundation.

Official website in Romanian language:

ROLDA has a clear mission: to help the neglected, abused, homeless animals and also the community that struggles to look after their pets responsibly. Visit this page to learn more about ROLDA’s Mission

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Words from the Founder

Dear Supporters,
Firstly, thank you for visiting the ROLDA website. Your interest and support is what enables us to save lives every day.

Below is a brief overview of the journey I have been on and which has led to ROLDA. The road has been long and difficult. Yet whenever I am near the kennels and can see the difference we have made to the lives of hundreds of dogs, I realize it was all worth it. And that there is still plenty of work to do!
I hope you enjoy reading it.

My best wishes to you,


The Latest Financial Report

ROLDA Financial Report counts the income and expenses made during a fiscal year that starts on 1st January and ends on 31th December. The Report is sent to Romanian authorities where it receives a registration number and it’s published on Ministry of Finances for public access, no later then June month.

The Financial Report is done by an independent local bookkeeping company and soon after it is finished, it is followed by an auditor report.

The income section of the Financial Report contains the donations and sponsorships received in Romania, the grants made by foreign foundations and partners, as well as the bank transfers (or PayPal transfers) made by ROLDA foreign branches to the Romanian bank account.

The expenses add all the invoices, receipts and paid bills which accumulate month after month, from 1st January until 31th December of each fiscal year.

  • Income 2139338 RON
  • Expenses 2509880 RON

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Meet the Team

ROLDA Team is formed by passionate, hard-working people from around the World. The “spark” started in Romania and soon, expanded to the USA, Australia and several European countries. It started with people like you, who respect, love and fight for animals’ rights and their welfare.

In Romania, ROLDA Rescue Team is formed by paid staff like dogs caretakers, rescue drivers, veterinaries doctors and veterinary assistants. External services (contractors) include: bookkeeping, auditor, lawyer, labor protection, etc.

Abroad, ROLDA International is formed mostly by volunteers and highly skilled workers who put their knowledge, time and resources in favor of animals that we rescue, shelter, rehabilitate, treat, sterilize and eventually, rehome.

Each ROLDA affiliate from the US, Australia or European countries where we are legally established have a webpage where the activity is presented, including the financial reports and how much money are transferred for Romania projects. This is our way to show maximum transparency to our loyal, incredibly generous supporters.

How to help us in Romania?

If you own (or represent) a company registered in Romania and wish to provide support to ROLDA, you’ll find useful to read how you can help the dogs for free, by donating a portion of the tax you’d pay to the Romanian authorities anyway.

Taxpayers can decide on the destination of an amount representing up to 3.5% of the income tax, for the support of non-profit entities that are registered in the Register of religious entities/units.

Fii un SuperErou pentru caini
2% devine 3,5% pentru ROLDA.

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