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Your trust and generous support enable ROLDA to help cats in several cities throughout Romania and to provide emergency aid in some areas affected by the war in Ukraine.

Skye was abandoned to die after she was hit by a car.

We found her in agony with a broken jaw and damaged eye. Sadly, she also had maggots in her mouth.

Today, Skye started a new life because of your compassion and care.

ROLDA helps cats

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In Romania

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What ROLDA does for cats in Romania


Romania is mostly known for its large number of stray dogs, estimated to be millions, which wander on the streets, exposed to disease, often abused, or imprisoned in horrible public pounds. For more than 15 years, our small rescue team focused on changing the life of these strays for the better. We rescue, provide shelter, rehabilitate, sterilize, rehome dogs as well as support the local community to responsibily look after their own pets.

It is important to work with the locals and limit the number of abandoned pets, which only makes the number of stray animals worse. In the areas where strays numbers reduced, ROLDA Rescue team observed an increased number of cats without owners. This trend is alarming and we need your help to take measures now to avoid an awful situation similar to that we witnessed with stray dogs.


Cover the bills for medical emergencies for the most complicated cases of injured, sick cats

Fund sterilizations for cats in poor communities where the owners can’t afford the medical procedure.

Offer food to cat rescuers: During 2022, ROLDA received donated cat wet and dry food from Purina Romania, which we distributed in Galati, Tulcea & Focsani

Pay for the rescued cats vet costs (recovery, post-surgical care) which usually happens in private vet clinics in Bucharest

What ROLDA does for cats in Ukraine

When the war started, we couldn’t remain indifferent. Our town Galati is located only 8 km from the border with east of Ukraine, where the battles continue. Many people flee, but many others choose to stay & rescuers didn’t want to abandon their animals. Across Ukraine, there are many people who improvised small (or larger) shelters for cats, dogs, and farm animals. These aren’t like like modern shelters from countries like the UK & the US,  but are a refuge for animals where they receive food and safety. During the war, many animals were saved from bullets and bombs and treated if they were injured. Unfortunately, some shelters burnt down during bombing.

It appears that the war in Ukraine won’t end as soon as we all hoped. People suffer between ruins and the animals living with them suffer too. With your help, we can continue to send money and supplies to rescuers who care for cats across Ukraine. When the war is eventually over, we will continue to give them the support they need to get back to normality.

Offer food to cat

Help refugees with cats who
flee Ukraine

Send humanitarian aid to cat shelters
in Ukraine

Fund sterilizations for cats
in Korosten

Cover vet bills for
injured cats

New ROLDA sanctuary for disabled
and senior cats opened in 2023

Like stray dogs, homeless cats are exposed to car accidents, abuse, disease and hunger. Disabled cats live on people’s pity and are in constant danger of being killed or crippled for life by stray dogs. Senior cats struggle to eat and suffer chronic diseases which, left untreated, will only get worse.

ROLDA exists to come up with effective solutions for the most disadvantaged animals and considering the large number of cats in need, we decided now it’s the right time to build a sanctuary for disabled and senior cats that have no one else. With assistance from our supporters, we can help them live a decent and safe life, free of pain. Learn more about ROLDA sanctuary for cats.

A project to improve cat welfare
for generations to come

Our PawzUp ‘cat mascot’ is ready to present you something truly unique

At ROLDA, we consider that each dog or cat deserves a family to respect and care for them. The PawzUp Center was born as a bold dream to encourage adoptions both internationally and within Romania, because adopting a rescued soul is rewarding for both people and animals. Once the PawzUp Center has become reality and opened its doors, ROLDA will bring rescued pets together with wonderful people so they can have the benefit of each others company. The Center will have two zones dedicated to cats: one zone with space to house adoptable cats and the second zone with glass-front spaces where cats can meet locals who wish to adopt. You can find more information about PawzUp Center below.

If you would like to help us make PawzUp a reality, we want you to know sponsoring the building of a whole cat box, means you can name it after your favorite pet, or in memory of someone special.

Naming opportunities include:


glass front boxes


housing boxes


outdoor space


outdoor space


reception area

We help every cat in need the best we can

Joshua was found all alone in a shipyard, suffering from severe injuries to his back legs that left him unable to walk. An X-ray showed that his spine was also affected, which could have paralyzed him. We don’t know what happened to Joshua, but it’s likely that he was hit by a car and left to die, alone and in pain.

ROLDA covered the costs of his rehabilitation. Joshua is doing so well, and we are very hopeful he will soon be able to walk as he did before.

Take a moment to watch this video showing Joshua’s recovery video.

Meet some of the cats saved by
ROLDA in Romania and Ucraina





Baby Kitten