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ROLDA focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming stray dogs in Galati, Romania. Most of the dogs rescued have suffered illness and injury due to starvation, neglect, and abuse. We provide our rescues with the best nutrition and medical care to ensure proper healing and growth.

Our staff and volunteers are continually working with our rescues to help them overcome the physical and emotional trauma they have suffered while living on the streets.

Once we believe our rescues are ready for domestic life, we find them forever homes. Because ROLDA runs no-kill sanctuaries, our rescues remain for the rest of their lives with us unless they are adopted. Euthanasia is only an option when a veterinarian determines that the animal has no chance of living a pain-free life.

ROLDA is a humane alternative to the inhumane Galati Public Pound that is notorious for abuse. ROLDA always had and continues to protest against the Galati Public Pound and all the illegal public pounds in Romania. We continue to fight for their closure or reformation to adhere to the humane laws and treatment these dogs deserve.