Testimonials about ROLDA
from people from around the World #roldafamily



From Sweden

“The ROLDA sanctuaries are run by the devoted Dana Costin together with her co-workers. Today there are more than six hundred dogs, and the donkey Ben…”


From Switzerland

“Dana: I want to tell you such a big thank you for your kindness. You do such an inspiring job for all those dogs. I’m feeling so blessed to have experienced that in Galati Romania…”


From USA

“Working with ROLDA has been a really great experience. I love working with others who are so passionate about saving the lives of animals, and it’s very clear, in everything…”


From Norway

“Åse bor i Bergen, Norge. Hun har adoptert hunder og katter fra Norge og Spania, og nå også en hund, Maja, fra Romania. Det bor rundt 600 andre hunder på våre…”


From Australia

“I cannot speak highly enough of ROLDA; the battles you’re facing on a daily basis would be too much for a lot of people and they would just turn their backs and give up…”


From Norway

“Jeg har kjent Dana (grunnleggeren av ROLDA);i flere år nå, og hjelper henne bla. med å oversette tekster til norsk. Hun er en fantastisk dame med det største hjertet…”


From Switzerland

“2013 November 21 is a date we will never forget : It’s the day where our little “Pantera” passed away; she reached almost 16 years and had suffered from Diabetes…”


From Germany

“My name is Anja, I live close to Hamburg and I’m 29 years old. How did I come to join this project? First of all I met Sabine last year via Twitter. We got along great from minute 1…”


From UK

“Wow I just looked on your page it brought tears to my eyes with happiness , your work, mission and most of all those children being involved is a crucial part of changing…”


From Switzerland

“I enjoyed it very much, to see the dogs, cuddle most of them, it was a little hard to see the big shelter for me, but then I realised how lucky they were to have you…”


From Norway

“Jeg ønsker å ila.livet hjelpe så mange dyr jeg bare klarer, og det å oversette for en organisasjon som ROLDA, ser jeg som en indirekte mulighet til å gjøre nettopp dét…”


From Switzerland

“Difficult to express in only some words the emotion felt coming to visit ROLDA shelters. I was expecting to see dirty dogs lying in bad conditions …. this is what we…”


From Norway

“Thank you for giving me this experience, I have felt so welcome and taken care of here and Fiorella.. I can never thank you enough for her…”


From USA

“In a village on the outskirts of Galati, beyond the steel mill, beyond the end of the paved roads, Dana Costin had constructed the first Romanian League in Defense of Animals…”


From Switzerland

“After passing the gates of the large shelter ROLDA, the first thing that you’ll be struck by is the silence, almost unreal of this place… and then by the thunderous barking…”


From Canada

“ROLDA was founded by Dana Costin. She has put together an international team of volunteers and staff that are almost all women. I believe Dana herself…”


From Sweden

“I got off the train in Galati and Dana picked me up, she drove me to the shelter and it was so nice to catch up with her since it was almost 2 years than my last visit…”


From Australia

“Dana is working relentlessly towards creating an amazing charity to help and protect animals.I have been working with her for the last 6 months and have found her to be…”


From Belgium

“To shelter more than 600 dogs you need to have a good notion of organization and responsibility but more than that also a sense of respect for living souls…”


From Australia

“I extend the hand of friendship to you and your workers and wish you success in saving all the dogs that need saving and that you are able through peoples donations…”


From UK

“I am so pleased to help, in some small way, the magnificent work you do in saving the lives of abused, abandoned dogs living in appalling conditions and often near death…”


From Olanda

“The young generation is the hope for this country to solve its (many) problems…”


From USA

“The Pawzup Centre sounds like a fantastic and much-needed initiative that, I’m sure, will make a huge difference to the animals and the local community in Galati…”


From USA

“The first time I read about ROLDA I knew in my spirit that this organization was the real deal. Your work to alleviate the suffering of innocent animals struck my heart…”


From Norway

I have worked with Dana and Rolda since my family adopted 2 dogs from Rolda in 2011. Dana has always been professional and passionate about her work for Rolda…


From USA

We are impressed with what ROLDA has accomplished with a small amount of support. There are no other non-profits in Romania with ROLDA’s reach and dedication…


From Germany

Die Hunde mit den traurigen Augen
Man sieht sie immer wieder vorbei kommen auf dem Internet. Traurige Hunde, dreckig in verkommenen, zugigen, feuchten…

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