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ROLDA Awareness Movement

The ROLDA Awareness Movement in Romania tackles animal cruelty via different angles to cover as broad an audience as possible.

ROLDA Awareness Movement

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

It is our ultimate goal to help build a cruelty free World for all animals to live in harmony with humans.

To reach this ambitious goal, we started to educate ourselves. Not just to identify the challenges, but also to observe and understand the community, to listen its legitimate concerns about strays and to start a communication based on respecting others opinions.

For years, ROLDA has struggled to promote animal welfare in its community.

Educating Romanian citizens about animal welfare is challenging because they have different beliefs, traditions, religions, and cultures.

Luckily, animal welfare is an emotional subject that can motivate people to act. But they have to be willing to listen.

Some are committed to helping. Others are not interested in our animal welfare education campaigns. ROLDA continues to respect their decision as long as they do not abuse animals.

Why is Animal Welfare Education important?

One of the reasons Romania’s stray animals overpopulation continues to rise is people’s ignorance about animal welfare. People abandon unwanted dogs and cats on the streets to conceive more unwanted litters.

It’s easy for some people to dispose of puppies and kittens like trash bags.)

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An efficient education campaign targets the unexplored potential of a community

By educating people about animal welfare, we will have less abandonment to contribute to the stray crisis. We must also remember that a person who abuses animals is likely to harm people, too.

Children in violent households or a child who witnesses animal abuse are likely to become abusers themselves.

ROLDA solutions to social concerns:

Provide guidance to people to understand the body language of strays and avoid possible attacks

Read more about Speak Toto language campaign.
We are also conducting a National Study (in Romanian, inspired by a similar British study) that aims to establish why dogs are abandoned by their owners and discourage people from choosing this option.

Help children learn how to look after a dog as a new member of their family

We created a coloring book, distributed for free to rural schools, backed up online by “ABC for kids” a web section in Romanian, where we offer guidance to kids on how to look after their furry buddies responsibly and to offer them (under adult supervision) the correct assistance and care.

Offer financial support to poor community to sterilize their pets and reduce number of litters

Learn more about ROLDA sterilization program.

Help seniors to keep their pets and never be forced to abandon probably their only best friend

Learn more about FriendsForever program.

Create a section of downloadable free guides (in Romanian and English) to explain medical subjects, travel tips, how to recognize animal abuse and how to act against it.

On the Romanian website we created a special section with veterinary advices.
The section with
posters (in Romanian) contains topics like: What you need to know about your first puppy, Things to be aware of when having a senior dog ….and lot more to come. Check downloadable free guides in English here.


Create podcasts (in Romanian language) and thanks to our amazing host, Radu, we are inviting celebrity pet owners, veterinaries and dog behaviorist experts to discuss subjects of interest.

The top challenges

Traditional habits

Concerned raised by some people:

Afraid of being attacked by strays
Afraid of diseases carried by animals
Upset by noise, dirt, hair from animals

(A number of people including kids were attacked and killed or severely injured by strays, some others were directly or indirectly infected by a dog/cat, others are simply allergic or can’t stand the dirt, bad smell and hair animals leave in parks, around houses, etc.

When we live into a community, we can’t ignore others simply because they don’t like the same things we do.)

Others awareness campaigns include:

Awareness campaign #neverletgo (in various languages) to stop the abandonment of pets after the holidays.

ROLDA Awareness campaign against pets abandon after Christmas.

The first edition of a VIP calendar showcasing 12 Romanian celebrities who joined ROLDA with their pets to send a vital message to the Romanian community that animals are family members to be loved and respected.

Educational Keys

People Helping Animals

ROLDA identifies and provides support to people who help neglected, homeless animals.

We are offering donation of food and money to individuals and other small charities from Romania and Ukraine who dedicate time and resources to save animals in need.

How can You help Animals?

We need more international volunteers to speak up for #roldadogs when they return to their home country.

Read more about volunteering
See volunteers testimonials

Animals Helping People

At ROLDA we truly believe that not just animals benefit from the company of people, but more people should rediscover how great a pet presence is in their life.

Once built, PawzUp will be opened for seniors, kids and their families, or even group of kids with teachers that want to spend quality time in a friendly, clean and safe environment to enjoy the company of a variety of animals: cats, dogs, small farm animals (rabbits, goats) donkeys and horses.

How Our Animals can help You?

Adopt a #roldadog
Become a ROLDA Ambassador

Social responsibility

Increase corporates and businesses involved in the animal welfare movement in Romania.

What You can do to raise awareness?

When you buy a gift from ROLDA Shop, you make 3 x times good: you help us save animals, you help the local artisans who use their skills and passion to create hand-made items, you receive a lovely gift to keep or offer to a friend who appreciates it.

Raise awareness in your community about ROLDA and what we fight for. Stickers are available in English, French and Romanian languages.

If you work for a corporation that cares for animals or simply wish to contact possible sponsors, download our latest presentation and send an email with a funding request. Good luck!

Did you know that…

With local artisans help, ROLDA is offering a handmade (sewed with care, not glued) educational game for 18-36 months old, which improves skills like association, creativity, intuitive development, vocabulary growth, imagination development, dexterity, coordination hand-eye

Where your donation goes when you donate to ROLDA Awareness Movement?

Unless you designate it for a specific purpose, your donation is split between:

Printing coloring book

Creating podcasts

Creating online materials

Creating awareness animation movies

Purchasing baskets for Miracle of sharing program

Illustration and designs

Creating/updating and printing brochures

and of course all donations are welcome for PawzUp Center project!