28 Mar



Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  

                                                                        Nelson Mandela

After years of studies and various attempts to reach the local community’ heart, we have still a long way to go to transmit even simple messages like “Respect the animals rights to live” or “Do not abuse animals”.

There is no recipe to outreach successfully a community because people are so different in the way they think, or they have different traditions, different religion, different cultures.

In order to make Romanians to listen to your message, you have to respond to these simple questions: how and to what Romanians are reacting the best and to use the correct replies as key factors to build a successful educative campaign.

If you would try to copy the most successful American education campaign to make it work in Romania, you will fail. Why? Because each education campaign must be started using your own good sense. You can’t demand respect for your cause while you do not show the minimum respect to the same audience you hope to distribute your message, your wishes and have expectations from.

Reaching people’s hearts and getting into people’s mind is not an easy job.

Luckily, helping animals is a very emotional subject that doesn’t leave humans indifferent.

There is one category of people: already committed to help. There is another category which is not and will be not interested on any message promoted by animal rescuers. We have to learn to respect their choice as long as they do not cross the line or abuse the animals.

A well done education campaign targets the unexplored potential of a community. The goal is to make people to follow our message. The most beautiful part of an education campaign is its unlimited resources in which a message can be creatively, efficiently spread.

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.
Will Durant


ROLDA education campaign aims to address to people of all ages.

The principal reasons of the street dogs’ overpopulation include the lack of people compassion or their ignorance, the abandons (which can be caused by irresponsibility but also by the poor economy), the uncontrolled reproduction which generates a grown number of unwanted puppies.

It is heartless but it seems easy for some people to dispose of the puppies like they would be trash bags. Is it lack of education? In some cases – yes. Through education, we can reduce the number of uneducated people and as a result, we will have fewer animals to suffer.

A person that abuses the animals it’s likely to abuse people, too.

This is a documented conclusion, after extensive studies made around the World. Numerous experts are still trying to understand the cycle of violence, the abusers and the victims.

Children in violent household or a child who witnesses an animal abuse are very likely to become themselves abusers.

Educating the youth generation to respect animals it’s a MUST.

Education for kids

ROLDA organizes different creative contests for the youngest locals in order to help them become responsible pet owners.

Education for seniors

Seniors are a valuable component of our society. Some of them live at the edge of poverty, some have no family, no relatives. More and more seniors prefer to exclude themselves from social activities, becoming isolated individuals, often judged or ridiculed by the public opinion.

Either being pushed away by an indifferent society or if they voluntarily choose to live isolated, it is a fact that many seniors live alone.

One of ROLDA education campaign will address to the seniors that have no relative, no children, poor income but they do have a reason to live actively, to plan the tomorrow: they have a pet that grew old with them, or a former street dog/cat that they rescued and look after ever since.

These people have discovered the simplicity of a happy life in the company of a dog or a cat. In a way, the person and the animal saved each other.

Education during Holidays

During Christmas time, the campaign named Joy of Giving. Miracle of sharing put a smile on some people faces.

Traditional Christmas baskets with lots of goodies for human consumption as well as dry dog/cat food were distributed thanks to ROLDA donors.

Education for entire community

Campaigns against bullying are mostly referring to people but sometimes, dogs get bullied too!