Education is the key to end animal suffering around the World

For years, ROLDA has been struggling to promote animal welfare in its community.

Educating Romanian citizens about animal welfare is challenging because they have different beliefs, traditions, religions, and cultures.

Luckily, animal welfare is an emotional subject that can motivate people to act. But they have to be willing to listen.

Some are committed to helping. Others are not interested in our animal welfare education campaigns. ROLDA continues to respect their decision as long as they do not abuse animals. An efficient education campaign targets the unexplored potential of a community. Our goal is to encourage people to learn about the ways they can help animals in their community.

Why is Animal Welfare Education important?

One of the reasons Romania’s stray dog overpopulation continues to rise is people’s ignorance about animal welfare. People abandon unwanted dogs and cats on the streets where they conceive more unwanted puppies.

For some people, it’s easy to dispose of puppies and kittens like trash bags.

By educating people about animal welfare, we will have less abandonment to contribute to the stray crisis.

We must also remember that a person who abuses animals is likely to harm people, too.

Children in violent households or a child who witnesses animal abuse are likely to become abusers themselves.

Children are the future. It is entirely in our power to educate them about compassion, respect, and empathy to assure the communities we are building and the citizens we are raising, are kinder, and more caring. Not just toward animals, but to each other, and to all the life forms with whom we share our planet.

How does ROLDA educate?

We visit schools, meet with youth, and encourage local adults, teenagers, and children to volunteer or take an interest in the vital work that ROLDA does. Building community support for our projects, and supporting impoverished communities to abide by the costly, and often complex government regulations regarding pet ownership is a precursor to success.

People should not be separated from their pets due to restrictive legislation and costly registration fees.
Compassion, caring, and community support for these values cannot be separated from seeing success in our rescue and other efforts.

Education for kids

ROLDA organizes different creative contests for local kids to help them become responsible pet owners.

Kids have asked for our help to sterilize their dogs because they now understand the importance of sterilization and because they do not want to see their pets abandoned or killed.

All pets in Romania must be sterilized, microchip and registered. Failure to do so results in fines between €1,100 and €2,200. Most pet owners cannot afford to sterilize, microchip and register their pets, so some choose to abandon their pets to avoid the fines.
These kids have asked for our help, and we will help them!

Education for seniors

Many senior citizens in our community live in poverty. Some have no family. More and more seniors prefer to exclude themselves from social activities and isolate themselves because they are often judged or ridiculed by the public.

One of ROLDA’s education campaigns will address seniors who have no family, no children, and no income to help them provide for their pets.

Many seniors choose to adopt or rescue a stray dog or cat because they enjoy their company. They have discovered the simplicity of a happy life in the company of their pets. In a way, the person and the animal have saved each other.

Education during Holidays

ROLDA’s campaign for Christmas: “Joy of Giving. Miracle of Sharing” provides traditional Christmas baskets full of edible foods for seniors from the local retirement home or for low-income families and their pets.

Education for our entire community

“Speak Toto language” educates primarily children (but also adults) about dogs body language to help people better understand stray dogs.

Educational Keys

People Helping Animals

● ROLDA aims to identify and provide support (in donated goods) to needy people who help neglected animals. Especially children who often cannot access high education level and each positive initiative should be encouraged by our society because children represent the future, including the future voices of animal welfare in Romania.

● ROLDA’s “Miracle of Sharing” campaign will expand to more senior citizens in our community during special events like Christmas and Easter.

● International volunteers speak up for #roldadogs when they return back to their home country. SEE TESTIMONIALS!

Next, we will hopefully launch the Museum of Dog, a virtual museum that will honor the human and dog bond.

Animals Helping People

● Open a pet therapy section as part of PawzUp project, where senior citizens with no family members and no financial resources can spend time with carefully selected animals.

● Organize “open doors” during summer days for local seniors at PawzUp Center. READ MORE ABOUT PAWZUP CENTER!

Social responsibility

● We need to increase our ADOPTION rate

● Continue the collaboration with the gymnasium / secondary school from Galati rural areas

● Campaign “Speak Toto language” to help people better understand strays’ body language.