Why is Animal Welfare Education important?

One of the reasons Romania’s stray dog overpopulation continues to rise is people’s ignorance about animal welfare. People abandon unwanted dogs and cats on the streets to conceive more unwanted puppies.

It’s easy for some people to dispose of puppies and kittens like trash bags.

By educating people about animal welfare, we will have less abandonment to contribute to the stray crisis. We must also remember that a person who abuses animals is likely to harm people, too. Children in violent households or a child who witnesses animal abuse are likely to become abusers themselves.

The top challenges:


Traditional habits


ROLDA Awareness Movement for all groups of age:

Awareness campaign #neverletgo to stop the abandonment of pets after the holidays.

A coloring book distributed for free to rural schools, backed up online by “ABC for kids” a web section in Romanian, where we offer guidance to kids on how to look after their furry buddies responsibly and to offer them (under adult supervision) the correct assistance and care.

We have created created downloadable free guides (in Romanian and English) to explain medical subjects, travel tips, recognize animal abuse, and how to act against it.

We are in the process of creating different podcasts inviting celebrity pet owners, veterinaries and dog behaviorist experts to discuss subjects of interest.

A section on the Romanian website with veterinary advice.

We are conducting a National Study (in Romanian, inspired by a similar British study) that aims to establish why dogs are abandoned by their owners and discourage people from choosing this option.

We have created the first edition of a VIP calendar showcasing 12 Romanian celebrities who joined ROLDA with their pets to send a vital message to the Romanian community that animals are family members to be loved and respected.

We have been sending online presentations to companies, food suppliers and supermarkets asking for sponsorship. We were encouraged by the grant offered in December 2021 by Nestle Romania to support our initiatives addressed to pets from poor communities.

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Educational Keys

People Helping Animals

Identify and provide support to people who help neglected, homeless animals.

The “Miracle of sharing” campaign provides traditional Christmas baskets full of edible foods for seniors destined for the local retirement home or low-income families and pets.

International volunteers speak up for #roldadogs when they return to their home country.

Animals Helping People

Open a pet therapy section as part of PawzUp project, where senior citizens with no family members and no financial resources can spend time with carefully selected animals…

Organize “open doors” for local seniors during the summer months at the PawzUp Center.

Social responsibility

Continue the collaboration with the gymnasium / secondary school from Galati rural areas.

The campaign “Speak Toto’s language” to help people better understand strays’ body language.

Increase adoption rate.

Increase corporates and businesses involved in the animal welfare movement in Romania.

Work with media to promote the benefits of animals in people lives.

Promote experts advice (behavior & veterinary advice to keep pets healthy all year round, reduce abandon, improve communication between humans and pets).

Where your donation goes when you donate to ROLDA Awareness Movement?

Unless you designate it for a specific purpose, your donation is split between:

printing coloring book

creating online materials

purchasing baskets for Miracle of sharing program

creating/updating and printing brochures

creating podcasts

creating awareness animation movies

illustration and designs

and of course all donations are welcome for PawzUp Center project!