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Animals are just like people; both arrive at a point at which the weight of time rests heavily on our bones, and the stories of our lives are written in every scar and wrinkle.

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for Seniors

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

When you compare the senior citizens living in retirement homes and the old dogs from our sanctuaries, you realize they have a lot in common – they all dream of living in a place can call home and they need company and affection from a community too busy with daily life to stop and take a moment to help.

In Romania, there are millions of older people who often feel alone, depressed, and likewise, millions of street animals that suffer in silence.

Such daunting figures may make it seem that the problem is unsolvable, like we should abandon hope and hide away the knowledge in a distant recess of our minds.

ROLDA refuses not to try. The longest journeys start with the smallest step, and we’ll start small, but we’ll never give up on our mission to see those figures going close to zero.

How seniors can benefit of ROLDA programs?

ROLDA pays for the medical bills for pets owned by seniors.

For many seniors, having a pet is the best thing that has happened to them. Our #FriendsForever social campaign started in January 2023 and pays for pet-related costs for Romanian seniors who need support to access emergency veterinary care, surgery or any other expensive treatment, supplement for their furry friends.

Case study

Ms. Iordan lives with her husband and their 11 cats in Tulcea with only 300 E per month. 9 of the cats were sterilized through a local charity that helped finding homes for 7 kittens the family had rescued last year. Ms. Iordan wrote to ROLDA asking for help for the other 2 cats that needed to be sterilized urgently.

We will stay in touch with her as she will need help with some medical treatments and cat food in the future. We were happy to help Ms. Iordan and all the seniors who ask us for support to keep them close to their beloved companions.

ROLDA can look after your pets when you are no longer here.

#AlwaysHome (Mereu Acasa) is a program for Romanian pet owners who prefer to put things in order for after life, to avoid others having to decide when they are no longer with us.

The program makes it possible for your pets to be transferred to a safe place, where they will be looked after or placed with adoptive families, and gives you the peace of mind that your beloved friends don’t end up in wrong hands or homeless, or in a public shelter.

You can find out more about this program unique to Romania.

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#ROLDAdogs visits to the local retirement home


Before COVID restrictions, we regularly visited the largest local retirement home where around 100 seniors enjoyed the company of ROLDA dogs for a short while.

“After our first visit, we knew we would return. We planned to schedule visits regularly to benefit both lonely people and lonely dogs in need of interaction. I’m sure many would have loved to be there with our team, to witness the moments of genuine and overwhelming joy when dogs that never give up hope meet people with little in their life to hope for. Sadly, some of the residents we met the first time were no longer there, which serves as a life-lesson for us all: to do what our hearts and consciences demand of us, while we still can, to do all we can to improve the lives of those still with us.”

April 2023

#ROLDAdogs and senior citizens bring joy to one another

ROLDA first visit to the largest local retirement home occurred on Romania’s National Day on the 1st of December 2018. Check out the video to meet Tarot, the ROLDA dog that makes seniors smile and give hugs.

In the summer of 2019, we returned to the same retirement home, accompanied by some Swiss volunteers (who created the video) as well as #ROLDAdogs Dona and Dan.

The ROLDA team hopes to bring together lonely dogs and people who have little hope.

This is why through #FriendsForever social program, ROLDA also covers the costs related to adoption (sterilization, microchip, vaccination) to make it easier for seniors to adopt a dog or a cat.

Animals are the perfect companion for the elderly, alleviating loneliness and listlessness by offering all the unconditional love, energy and affection a happy and healthy dog can offer.

It is exactly why we are asking for your support to create PawzUp Center, a refuge for abandoned animals, where seniors (and the general public) can re-discover the joy of spending lovely moments in company of voiceless friends. We hope that the seniors who can’t adopt but wish to enjoy the company of an animal to be able to visit our PawzUp Center, as often as they want to.
One of the PawzUp purposes is to provide assisted therapy for visitors of all ages (including seniors) who will benefit enormously from interacting with various animals such as dogs, cats, donkeys or chickens.

Click here to visit PawzUp website, buy a brick to help us build it.

Why it is important for our parents and grandparents
to have a pet in their life?

How does a pet improve its health?

Decrease the heart attack rate

Decrease the risk of heart disease

Help reduce stress levels

Occasionally animals can “smell” disease

Going further than anyone has been before

One of ROLDA’s biggest dreams is establishing a therapy center (as part of our PawzUp project) to act as a hub where rescued animals can socialize with the most neglected and isolated people in our communities. There they will provide companionship and joy for the elderly who have lost those closest to them.

We’re lucky enough to have been generously remembered in our supporters’ wills after they have passed, and we think this is a unique opportunity to leave behind a lasting change in the world. What better legacy than to continue to be an animal savior for eternity?

ROLDA is seeking to expand its presence internationally as a charitable legacy gift option for animal lovers around the globe. Learn more about mentioning ROLDA in your will.

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Learn more about mentioning ROLDA in your will.