#roldadogs and senior
citizens bring joy to one

Dogs are just like people; we both arrive at a point at which the weight of time rests heavy on our bones and the stories of our lives are written in every scar and wrinkle. When you compare the senior citizens living in retirement homes and the old dogs from our sanctuaries, you realise they have a lot in common – they all dream to stay in a place they call home, they are in need of company and affection from a community too busy with daily life to stop and take a moment to help.

3.4 million elderly people

2.5 million strays

In Romania, there are 3.4 million elderly people who often feel alone, depressed and like them, 2.5 million strays who suffer in silence. Such daunting figures invite the temptation to think the problem is unsolvable, to abandon hope and hide away the knowledge in a distant recess of our minds. ROLDA refuses not to try. The longest journeys start with first step and we’ll start small, but we’ll never give up on our mission to see those figures reach zero.

3.4 million retired seniors exist in

A GfK study shows that 45% of them (1.5 millions) feel lonely, depressed, and useless. They are alone or left by their families to manage as they can, because their kids are working far away, in Western countries.

130 (public and private) retirement homes exist across Romania.

Over 4000 people are on “waiting list” for a place in retirement homes.

ROLDA team hopes to bring together lonely dogs
and people who has little remained to hope for.

Quick reminder of the benefits of animals in people’s life

Decrease the heart
attack rate

Decrease the heart
diseases risk

They can control
stress level

Sometimes animals can
“smell” some diseases

Dogs are the perfect companion for the elderly, alleviating loneliness and listlessness by offering the unconditional love, energy and affection a happy and healthy dog can offer.

ROLDA values this interaction with our community’s elderly as every bit as important as the vital work we do for vulnerable animals. Loneliness is as big blight on our society as cruelty and ROLDA exist to tackle both and cement our role as a force for good for humans and animals alike. We are uniquely equipped to share the wonder and joy of our dogs with lonely seniors without the concerns for the cost of their medical care or non-ambulant seniors who cherish the company of animals though know they cannot care for their needs.

ROLDA first visit to the largest local retirement home happened on 1st of December 2018, exactly on Romania’s National Day. Tarot accompanied us:

And then ROLDA visited the seniors, accompanied by dogs Dona and Dan, in summer of 2019. A group of Swiss volunteers joined us:

When we visited the local retirement home for the first time, we knew we would return, and we hope to transform this into a tradition to benefit both lonely people and lonely dogs in need of interaction. I know you wish to be there with our team, to see with your own eyes the moments of genuine and overwhelming joy when dogs that never give up hope, meet people with little in their life to for which to hope.

Unfortunately, some of the people we met the first time were no longer there which serves as a life-lesson for us all: to do what our hearts and consciences demand of us, while we still can, to do all we can to improve the lives of those still with us.



Starting this year, we launched a special program: Adopt a Golden Oldie!
(and this doesn’t necessarily mean a Golden Retriever!)

ROLDA fully respects the privacy of the senior citizens we visit, and we do not publish their face photos on this website, but our sponsors will receive in private, by email, photos were taken with our dogs and only seniors who consent to be photographed to demonstrate the mutual joy their donations allow us to create. ROLDA commits to finding the time and resources to visit the local retirement home at least twice every year.

Will you sponsor a senior from retirement home from Galati?

You can either:


Send a box with donations in kind (products) to this address:
Dana Costin
16 Feroviarilor Str., Bl. C2, ap. 18
800563 Galati

Or if you own or represent a cosmetics company, you can donate a box
with soaps, shampoos or other hygiene products

The smallest gift can make an amazing difference!

Going further where no one went before

One of ROLDA’s biggest dreams is to establish a therapy center (as part of our PawzUp project) to act as a hub where rescued animals can socialize with the most neglected and isolated people in our communities, in order to provide companionship and joy for the elderly who have lost those closest to them.

We’re lucky enough to have been generously remembered in our supporters’ wills after they have passed, and we think this is a unique opportunity to leave behind a lasting change in the world for the good. What better legacy than to continue to be an animal savior for eternity? ROLDA is seeking to expand our presence internationally as a charitable legacy gift option for animal lovers around the globe. Learn more about mentioning ROLDA in your will.


In “Healing Powers of Pets” the author Dr. Marty Becker believes that dogs
have a remarkable impact on people’s happiness and longevity.
In particular, for the senior people our project addresses to, the benefits are

1. Seniors will have a purpose, a motivation to look after someone who
depends on them.

2. Seniors will feel the medical benefits of having pets around them.

3. Seniors will stop feeling isolated – they will start socializing with each
other or with our staff.