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Rescuing a dog is not as easy as it may sound. As soon as the dog is out of the streets, it becomes a member of our shelter’s family. Which mean the wellbeing of the dog becomes our responsibility!

To responsibly look after a dog is the most difficult part of our mission. Especially when dealing with sensitive or abused dogs, even the smallest mistake can bring all the progress we made at rehabilitating it a few steps back.

We looked through our photo archive and we’ve selected a few examples that best show how a typical rescue story goes, the full transformation from a street dog to a happy, beloved pet.

These stories are food for the souls of all rescuers that take part in our program. They fill our hearts with joy and fill us with the energy to keep on saving more furry lives!


Four-month-old dog was hit by a car. Locals tried to help her by sewing casts for her fractured legs. Seeing she was getting worse, they called us. After recovery, she was adopted in Romania.


Dog found tied to a tree with a metallic wire. The wire was wrapped tightly around his right front leg and tore his skin and sunk into his flesh. Had surgery and will not need amputation.


Found in a deserted factory plot with his paw mutilated and filled with flesh-eating maggots. The injury was too severe and had to have his leg amputated.
Update: Adopted in Sweden.


Abandoned by her owner who kept her tied up with a tightly fitted heavy collar. She had the collar mark around her neck. She also had an infected wound on her ear. She is recovering at ROLDA.


A senior blind dog who stayed in our care for months. During this time we did the best to offer him a cozy life, but it's difficult to be a dog with special needs in a shelter full of loud, active dogs. Barty was living in dark and we knew that he simply need a quiet place, where he will have space to assess a potential danger, analyze smells around him, feel safe. Obviously the stress from living in a busy shelter made him unsecure. Finding an experienced family for a dog who is not trained, blind, senior and looks shy is a very difficult job. Luckily for Barty, Lisa our president in Sweden offered to foster him and this is how a strong bond was created between her family (especially Goran, her husband) and our senior dog. It's nice to see Barty now enjoying every minute of his life like a spoiled puppy! Barty left in Sweden in September 2020.


A little adorable girl found wandering on the streets, wounded. Her open femur fracture was old, untreated, and sadly lead to the amputation of the leg. The good news is that Ellie was adopted in Switzerland, where she travel in August 2020 to her forever family.


Purchased for €2000 by an animal abuser for breeding and dog fighting. Abandoned after suffering a back injury which turned into a 2kg tumor. Vet removed the tumor and is now living at ROLDA.


Pet of a married couple who got trapped in a metal fence and suffered deep wounds to all four legs and lost a dangerous amount of blood. He had one leg amputated and was adopted in Switzerland.


Found as a puppy with a congenital leg deformity. The vet had no other option but to amputate Oscar’s leg. Adopted in Switzerland.


Pet who was struck by a car. The impact damaged one of his eyes and broke three thoracic vertebrae. He made a full recovery and is back with his owner.


Found in coma on a street by a passerby. He was hit by car and suffered a broken jaw and lost one eye. Unfortunately, he will remain blind permanently. He was adopted by the person who saved him, Ms. Lazar.


Dog brought to the clinic with a severe injury, created with a sharp object as punishment because she was starving and attacked to eat a chicken. Bela is recovered and living in Sweden.


Saved with both front legs fractured, ligaments destroyed. Maia had 3 surgeries and a very long recovery to be able to walk again.

Blackie and Ivory

Saved from Piscu village a mother with big tumor on belly saved together with her surviving pup. After surgery recovery, both dogs traveled to forever homes.


Dog covered in tar, saved from agonizing pain. Tar was manually removed. Just before Christmas, Tarot arrived to his adopters in Sweden.


Rescued in distressful condition, with infected wounds and almost hairless due to severe mange, Chick recovery is amazing.


Young adorable girl found with a front leg affected by an old wound. The leg, unfortunately, had to be amputated.
Update: adopted in Switzerland.


Found with deep, open wounds/burning skin on the top of her head, Frankie's skin needed 2 months of intensive treatment to recover. Adopted in Sweden.


Found on a construction site, with a severe open wound, older than a week, which put not only her leg but her life in danger. The leg was successfully saved.
Update: Adopted in Sweden.


Abandoned at the edge of the road, covered in tar,Hera went through some difficult times, even if she’s still at the beginning of her life. Thanks to our supporters, she is better and ready to start a new life in Finland.


Puppy saved from a pile of trash. He was weak, underweight and infested with mange to top it off. Unfortunately, one of his eyes couldn’t be saved.


Found on a pile of garbage, from where she was saved along with 3 other puppies. All of the puppies had frostbite. After an eye removal surgery, Chasmine was adopted in Sweden.


Found with a severely infected leg fracture. The limb had to be amputated to save the dog’s life. Nabi was adopted in Switzerland.


A senior dog found severely dehydrated, full of parasites, that was abandoned to die. Homer was adopted in Switzerland.


Dog rescued with a severe eye infection. Luckily we arrived in time to save her eye. Presently, Pufi lives at the ROLDA small sanctuary.


Searing pain spread like wild fire through Lori's haunches and tail. Running away was impossible because he had a broken leg. Presently, he is at the ROLDA sanctuary.


Rescued with a big tumor on his belly which needed immediate removal. Presently, this beautiful boy lives in Switzerland.


Found in a village, with a severely infected wound located in her neck area. After treatment, this very friendly, obedient girl was adopted in Switzerland.


Found with an open fracture at the level of his leg. Sadly, nothing could have been done about it, so Gonco’s leg was amputated. He recovered well after the surgery and lives a happy life in the ROLDA sanctuary.


Abandoned on streets with a severely injured eye, which couldn't be saved. She lives now in Switzerland.


Abandoned by her family because the cost of the veterinary care she needed was too expensive, Buffy was treated and safely adopted by Ludovic and Eveline in France.


Beaten and tied in a plastic bag, Artemis was found just in time. We managed to save her eye. She currently lives in our sanctuary.

White Angel

Rescued from the streets completely blind, White Angel melt many hearts. Adopted in Norway, renamed Zinga she is trained to search and rescue dogs lost in Norwegian forests!


Found in the middle of the road, with a leg that had the bones completely crushed. His leg couldn't be saved, unfortunately, but he adapted quickly to his new situation. A true survivor!


Hit by a car, Buck was found at the edge of the road, screaming, incapable to move. Luckily, only his leg was affected and now Buck can walk normally again.
Update: Adopted in Germany.
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