About us

ROLDA Gatehunder fra Romania Oslo og Omegn was registered in Brønnøysundregistrene (Norwegian Register Center) in 2012 to provide financial support and raise awareness about ROLDA rescue work in Romania.

Full legal name:
ROLDA Gatehunder fra Romania Oslo og Omegn

Other names:
ROLDA Gatehunder fra Romania

Incorporation year:

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Contact person:


Mailing address:
Granveien 23, 1394 Nesbru, Norge


Important note regarding adoptions

Due to Norwegian current regulations, the import of strays into the country has been banned. For the moment, you can’t adopt a dog. Our Norwegian team contested the Norwegian rules to EFTA and we are waiting for their decision.

How Norwegian supporters help us

Enable rescued dogs to receive medical assistance, sheltering and to be adopted abroad

Campaign against illegal public shelter

Campaign against animal cruelty and abuses

Contribute to maintain, repair and expand ROLDA private animal sheltering facilities

What we do for Norwegian supporters

  • Provide expert support group to anyone wishing to adopt a rescue dog. Please check regularly ROLDA YouTube channel for advices provided by Paul Daly, canine coaching experienced to work with rescued dogs
  • Provide supportive literature about various animal topics (Simple rules to keep your pet safe from the hot pavement; Mini guide about responsible dog ownership; How to create a disaster plan for your dog; Tips to travel with your pet; Pet Fire Safety; etc) which can be found here
  • Opportunity to be part of our team as a volunteer (in case you’d like to put your best skills at use for animals in need and for a charity that use resources to save them) or as an ambassador (to share news about ROLDA on social media or to wear items that we send you for free)

Some of #roldadogs adopted in Norway

Money sent by ROLDA Norway to Romanian project



24000 NOK
food, vaccines, aid for emergencies, Ukraine


27000 NOK
food, vaccines, aid for emergencies


204 000 NOK RAISED

food and medicines for the shelters, emergency medical costs, winter shelter costs


184 000 NOK RAISED

food and medicines for the shelters, emergency medical costs, winter shelter costs


195 000 NOK RAISED

food and medicines for the shelters, Christmas campaign, vaccination and emergency medical costs


168 500 NOK RAISED

general costs for shelters, help for winter, video production


192 800 NOK RAISED

general costs for shelter, medical emergencies, vaccines, machine against mosquitoes, food, Christmas appeal


229 700 NOK RAISED

adoption fees, shelter costs e.g. food, winter costs related, building 10 running spaces



building 10 running spaces, water equipment, adoption fees, purchase veterinary equipment


See ROLDA’s latest Annual Report


See ROLDA’s full Financial Report


See ROLDA’s Annual Information Statement

How Norwegian supporters can make a gift to ROLDA?

Bank account





Spleis click here


Send SMS with text “Grasrotandelen 998398495” to 2020

Legacy for animals

Your love for animals can last forever when you make a gift to ROLDA in your will. Read more

Some photos with Norwegian supporters

ROLDA’s founder invites you to find out how we started and why

“The leader of ROLDA Gatehunder fra Romania is Hege, the heart and soul of this small but special charity.We live together difficult moments and that’s when real friends stay.I have the priviledge to consider Hege one of the most amazing people I was lucky to know. Initially, she adopted a ROLDA dog , then a second. When she noticed that an injustice happened to our charity, she refused to keep mouth shut and joined me in a “war” which became hers too, only because she is one of those (rare) persons ready to sacrifice personal comfort for justice.Hege visited ROLDA several times and in Romania or online, we shared hard moments, enjoyed victories, we cried and laugh together. Hege is a tigresse, fighting for what she cares for, no matter the consequences. She is balanced, have well documented arguments, she is smart, genuine and kind. What better person I could hope for the Norwegian branch, what better person to represent ROLDA name in Norway now and for as long as we will be on this Earth?Matilde joined our team a few years ago and she work tireless doing multitasking activities to help ROLDA dogs. Since 2012, Corinna, Marte, Merethe as well as all other Norwegian supporters who trust in what we do, enable us to continue becoming better, every year a little more. Due to the fact live animals import is (abusively) banned in Norway (and Norwegians don’t protest against this!), we can’t rehome anymore our beautiful dogs there, but we continue to fundraise in Norway to support the shelters and the campaigns we run in Romania. I hope you enjoy reading it.

My best wishes to you,



“Jeg har kjent Dana (grunnleggeren av ROLDA);i flere år nå, og hjelper henne bla. med å oversette tekster til norsk. Hun er en fantastisk dame med det største hjertet som fines. Jeg stoler uforbeholdent på hennes dømmekraft og vet at hun har gjort det umulige mulig gang på gang. Verden trenger flere mennesker som henne! Jeg hjelper ROLDA med oversettelse av tekst fra engelsk til norsk fordi de gjør et utrolig viktig arbeid for hjemløse dyr i Romania. Det er ikke alltid man har mulighet til å støtte alle organisasjoner man gjerne skulle hjulpet økonomisk, så det er godt å kunne bidra på andre måter!”

Heidi – 2017

Norwegian volunteers visiting ROLDA shelters in Romania

Norwegian volunteers





You can find us on

Rede Furniture provides a part of the turnover to those who really need it. We have chosen to help, among other organization, also ROLDA – a charity that helps the voiceless furry friends in need. This means that for each product sold we provide a contribution to ROLDA and the 700 dogs who live in the charity’ private shelters.