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According to some UK and European regulations which ROLDA chooses to respect

You can’t work for a charity if you are under 14 years old, even if the charity doesn’t pay you.

As a member of NCVO, ROLDA supports volunteering initiatives because they’re essential for a better society.

In USA, UK and Europe, volunteering = work experience.


On request, ROLDA provides recommendation letter for volunteering activities.

Volunteer on site

Travel to the World you want to save

If you have the chance, combine your passion for travel and volunteering, and join us at our ROLDA shelters in Galati, Romania where thousands of stray dogs need saving. Dogs you can help save!

Our rescue dogs need your embrace

Once a stray dog has been rescued and offered sanctuary at ROLDA, it doesn’t mean he or she has forgotten the trauma they suffered while living on the streets. For many, it takes weeks and months to recover, but their healing process is better with the embrace of human companionship.

Release the activist inside you

Here at ROLDA, there are many ways you can help our charity and our community. Our staff and our dogs will always keep you occupied and make you feel needed, and more importantly, they’ll make you feel like you belong.

Educate yourself about the animals you chose to help

Whether it’s your first volunteering experience at an animal charity, or if you’ve helped animals in other parts of the world, there is always room to educate yourself about the stray crisis in Romania and the obstacles our organization faces in order to help them.

Enjoy an abundance of wagging tails and smiles

Trauma is an extremely difficult experience to overcome, and we work very hard to help every dog we rescue recover from these painful moments in their past. Some take longer than others, but eventually every dog begins to wag their tail and smile, so we encourage you to enjoy the view during your stay. It’s a beautiful and unforgettable sight!

Become part of a new culture

ROLDA recognizes that there are many animal charities worldwide fighting for the same solution as we are, but we believe that we are unique in our own special way and that’s what separates us from the rest. We have a culture of family, friendship, and community between animals and humans that we protect and preserve because it’s what drives us to continue fighting for the voiceless animals we swore to help. Join us and become part of a new and unique culture of activism!

Other useful info

Currently the accommodation in our own cottage is not possible, because it needs capital repairs. Hostel Alexia is located 10 minutes driving from the shelters and it costs 20EUR/night/room. Only a minute walking there is a clean and nice small fast-food (cooked, good hot meals) from where you can take away lunch or dinner.

Nearest airport: Bucharest Otopeni.

Time to drive from Bucharest-Galati: 4 hours.

Time to go by train from Bucharest-Galati : approx 5 hours (you need to take a taxi from Bucharest airport to Bucharest Gara Nord train station)

Law 78/2014 in Romania refers to volunteering activities.

TO DO while in Romania

Boat trip in Danube’ s Delta Reservation – birdwatching
Mountain trip by train with “mocanita”
Wine tasting
Dracula’s Castle
Painted monasteries
Wood monasteries
Bears reservation in Zarnesti
Danube’s Gorge (Cheile Dunarii)

Please check NCVO website ‘s article about Volunteering and Benefits

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Provide office space for free

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Fundraise: host an in person event, auction an item (online, offline)


Grant writer

Provide warehouse space for free where donated items can be collected

Create an online fundraising

Web designer, graphics and other online related



Language Bank: help us with translations from English to French, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch etc

Causes platform allows you to invite your friends to support, donate, and stay connected to ROLDA

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LEVEL: Beginner

Less than 5 minutes to save the animals and the environment

By giving your free time, you give hope.

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