Nick’s First 8 Months Of Life Were A Nightmare

Help Nick beat his tick infestation and help him live!

My name is Nick. I was given this name yesterday when I was rescued. Before that, I was a nameless puppy born in a garden in rural Romania like thousands other. My mother, Greta, gave birth to five pups on a bitterly cold January morning. My brothers and sisters died within the next two months from parvovirus disease, but I survived. I also managed to outlive starvation. I am skinny, and my bones hurt each time I lay on the concrete. In April, the garden where we lived filled with ticks and fleas which infested my mom and me—we have ticked all over our fur, even around our eyes and in our ears.
It’s hard to be born a homeless puppy in Romania! With hundreds of ticks on me, I always feel weak.

The garden’s owners got scared that they might get a disease from our ticks, so they wrapped us in a plastic bag and abandoned us, way outside the village, with no food and no water. We were scared of cars, strange noises, and packs of aggressive dogs defending their territory. My mom and I thought we were going to die out there. We got more and more ticks on our bodies.

One morning I couldn’t open my eyes all the way, but I managed to see my mom shaking from all the fleas and ticks and parasites that were eating us alive.

Without a doubt, the first eight months of my life were a nightmare. I didn’t want to bear another day, but somehow, I kept hope alive.

This is how I imagine Nick telling his story. He is eight months old and together with his mother, Greta, who is about eight years old, was found by our ROLDA rescue team. They had been abandoned in the bushes and almost paralyzed by ticks. It was a shocking experience for us because their bodies were completely covered with ticks—even around their eyes and a lot inside their ears.

They were severely dehydrated and emaciated, like walking skeletons.

A monthly donation of €16 toward both Nick and Greta would keep them safe against ticks and fleas. That’s all! Just €16 a month would help end their misery. Make your monthly gift to protect Nick and his mom (and many other dogs) who silently suffer and who desperately need your help.

“Nick can’t speak, but I can. Yet, I am speechless. I need to learn, find or invent new words to define the plight of Romanian stray dogs. My imagination can’t describe how these dogs feel—malnourished, skinny, full of parasites, starving, always hungry, eaten alive by thousands of ticks, day and night, day after day. I try and can’t imagine how much they have to endure…hoping to be rescued, protected and loved by someone. Or maybe they don’t know what to hope for? Carrying the burden of loneliness, homelessness, neglect, abandoned, disposed of like old shoes and mistreated. I was so overwhelmed to see Nick’s little ears covered by ticks but also his dirty, little paws full of these parasites. Poor little soul! And I can’t help but wonder how many puppies has Greta lost over the years to famine, disease, or accidents? In my opinion, Greta and Nick are brave souls fighting for their life. Is their suffering enough to wake us up and force us to see their tragedy around us? The incredibly painful life of these animals?!”

—Dana Costin, ROLDA Founder

Help us start Nick’s and Greta’s journey to find a family. Greta is a senior dog, but we are confident someone will want to give her a home. Nick must pass the quarantine after his vaccines, which is not easy, especially if he is carrying any diseases. We have no guarantees that either of them will survive, but our doing our best to save them—as we always do, for each dog in need of our help.

We need you to join Nick’s and Greta’s journey and transform their future. Please, help them.

PS. Flea and tick season begins in March and ends in October. It is an unfair battle, especially when abandoned, homeless dogs have no protection against these parasites. Dogs like Nick and Greta are exposed for eight months each year to diseases carried by ticks—they are in constant danger of anemia caused by a massive infestation of ticks. Lyme (and other diseases) is also transmitted by ticks to humans.

Prevention treatment is the cheapest and safest solution to protect our voiceless friends and to protect ourselves. Help us win the battle against ticks!

Let’s do it for our every brave stray dog who suffers every day…even as you read these lines.