When Buffy Lost an Eye, Her Family Abandoned Her

Dogs deserve the same unconditional love they give us!

When Buffy, a tiny dog, suffered a severe injury to her eye, we offered to pay for the veterinarian bill because her family could not afford it. Sadly, the vet had no other option but to remove the injured eye. The vet also found Buffy full of fleas and worms, which he also removed.

After the surgery, Buffy was full of energy and ready to go back home.

She was happy and healthy again, and looking forward to seeing her family (with her one eye).
We were so excited to reunite Buffy with her family, but not as excited as Buffy was.

But when her family saw that she had lost an eye, they told us that they did not want to keep a one-eye dog. We were shocked.

Buffy now lives with us at ROLDA, where she awaits a family that will love her unconditionally — like dogs do. Buffy lost more than an eye and her family. She has lost her enthusiasm, energy, and appetite. Sadly, she is depressed.

Buffy was disowned by her family because she was no longer a “normal” dog. All they saw was an ugly dog that no longer deserved to be loved and cared for.

You and I know that no animal deserves such an injustice. When you click here to make a donation to ROLDA, you are helping pets with impoverished families receive food and medical care. Not all families are like Buffy’s. Most are extremely grateful for our help.

But we can only help them with your generous donation, which helps to pay for dog food and veterinarian costs. When you click here to donate, you are showing vulnerable pets and their families that you care because everyone deserves kindness.
Even one-eye dogs like Buffy.

P.S. Thanks to our donors and ambassadors, we were able to help Buffy before she was abandoned while injured. Together we give hope to abandoned dogs. Would you like to click here to learn more about becoming our dogs’ ambassador?

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