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Behind every dog rescue mission is someone like you, capable of making humanitarian work possible in Romania!

We’ve recently worked with the Your Later Life campaign, which launches on the 1st July 2020.

YourLaterLife is dedicated to raising awareness about issues affecting those in their later years whilst offering reassurances in these unprecedented times. Read online or in today’s Telegraph.


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Help us to get justice for severely abused dogs

Many starving dogs now resort to eating plastic. Yes, plastic. Most are found around factories of big corporations that ignore the issue. Encourage these corporations to act!


Emergency rescue. Dogs in Romania are suffering!

They are on the streets starving, having multiple litters of puppies, the majority of which will not survive and sadly many of the dogs are poisoned or abused, dogs like Tarot! He was found howling in pain after being wrapped in a bag and thrown in a pit of tar.


Pawsitive Adoption

Rescued in Romania, loved throughout the World
Over the last 15 years we have successfully found forever homes throughout the world for over 1500 dogs rescued from the streets here in Romania.

Keep a dog safe from freezing: Sponsor a Doghouse

Can you help us to give a dog in need a safe and comfy home of their own?

with your help

We’ve funded
359 social projects
increased the number of animals helped by 8%
reaching a total of 1759
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But we’re not done yet. We still need your help.

Here’s how you can get involved…

Donate One Time

Every penny donated makes our rescue mission possible and brings our dreams closer.

Donate Monthly

The future of hundreds of animals can be better planned with a steady income.

Legacy & Will Info

As a relatively young charity, we need to build on our financial reserves for long-term projects.

Sponsor A Dog

Yearly, monthly or one-time gifts for our dogs …Or Sponsor Them All

Virtual Gifts

Unique gifts that help to protect abused animals and the environment in Romania.

Sign Petition

Animals will continue to suffer in silence, unless you speak up for them.

Volunteer With Us

One of the best ways to understand the stray problem in Romania, what we do and why.

Give Voice

Give voice to countless voiceless friends that have nobody else to rely on.


ROLDA is an international charity operating in Romania to solve humanely, efficiently and responsibly the strays’ population, estimated to 2.5 millions. ROLDA has a no kill policy. Our keys focuses are rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, spay/neuter, social programs, education.


Our Work

We serve as a prosthetic for amputated, voiceless souls in a poor region of Romania: thousands of strays, but also pets and farm working animals are dependent on your generosity and support.


About Us

We treat animals in places where no one else will and every day, we make a difference on the front line of animal welfare. We work to demand justice for the forgotten, for those who have no voice to speak up with. This dream is possible, but not without your support.

How we earn your trust

Love Come First

Our team rescues, provides shelter, rehabilitate and rehome dogs all year round.


Keeping our costs low means your gift makes the biggest impact possible.

Targeting Root Causes

Going after the stray overpopulation' symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent.


Financial and annual reports are ready for you. Simply ask.

Your Donation Multiplies

Your gift + marketing + grants + donated goods + matching gifts= Bigger impact

International Leadership

Think GLOBAL but ACT local to help animals in the poorest area of Romania.

Whom we help

We provide a wide range of services for (but not limited to) animal care

Disaster relief
Poor communities

Success Stories

Together, we make a difference.


18659 animals helped


2 sanctuaries


1759 social cases


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The health and well-being of people in developing countries like Romania are directly linked to animal health and disease control. That’s where we step in.
We run long-term projects, focusing one of the poorest regions of Romania, aiming to improve the welfare of animals as well as the lives of people connected with them.