Good deals or good deeds 🧐?

Why not both?

Black Friday is coming. Want to do some shopping? Great! You can do so by providing shelter and food, not to mention medical services and general care throughout winter for 700 dogs 🐶.

Talk about a great deal! Not to mention checking a lot of stuff 🎁 off your Christmas list.

What a good deal to do good deeds!

Christmas is not just
for the people

A warm bed in a cozy home that smells like holidays in grandma’s house. A Christmas tree heavy with sweets and secret gifts waiting to be discovered. Family laughing around a big table full of Christmas goodies. None of these can describe the real Christmas of a homeless dog. Assorted food smelling divine drifting up to a street corner is not enough to fill the belly of a hungry stray.

For him, the leftovers or a piece of bread make Christmas taste like any other day. The cold that pieces his body, or the wet fur that becomes icy and painful against his skin, all feel the same regardless of whether it’s Christmas or not.

There are thousands of homeless animals for which Christmas is just another day to suffer.

You have the power to transform the lives of these suffering animals!

Your generosity, compassion and kindness are the true miracles they need this Christmas (and any other day).

This Christmas, spread your magic power to an animal in need.

Choose your gift


How many meals can
you donate?


How many blankets can
you buy?

General gift

To share between Romania
and Ukraine animals

It’s #dogsXMAS

Since the Christmas Food Appeal began seven years ago, ROLDA supporters have continued to donate generously.
We have exceeded 100k meals delivered to starving homeless dogs in the Galati community.

ROLDA’s goals for this year’s Christmas campaign


20.000 MEALS





It takes each of us to make this world
a better place for animals

ROLDA’s slogan is “Christmas is not just for people …” simply because it takes everyone to make this world a better place for animals, no matter if you choose to save a turkey for ending up on the Christmas table or build a doghouse for a neighbor’s dog that is exposed to extreme weather, or make a donation to our (or any other) shelter.

Without your support, the reality is that thousands of animals who rely on ROLDA will have an awful Christmas. Hundreds of dogs from our private shelters, a pack of strays roaming freely in the town, thousands of animals saved by our partners in Ukraine, or dozens of cats cared for by our colleagues from Tulcea; they all rely on you and us. How do we help them all?

How can you have the capacity to help thousands of animals in Romania and Ukraine when you can only make a small gift? The answer is simple: you are not alone. Luckily, this is our magical power. Thousands of supporters like you share the gift of giving with ROLDA at Christmas, which is how your donation empowers us to support many animals in need.

Every successful story begins with a single person but can’t be carried individually; it relies on a team effort to continue to be written.
For ROLDA supporters, Christmas is every day because they are generous and empathic.

We know that you wanted to be here to:

…deliver food for animals trapped in occupied territories in Ukraine

…rescue sick, injured animals in Romania and Ukraine

…break the chains
for dogs living in

…share a joyful tear seeing rescued dogs reaching their adopters

…and much, much more.

And in many ways, you were, thankfully, not just for Christmas!

Please check a summary of

ROLDA’s accomplishments during 2022


ROLDA extended its support to other cities in Romania

Coloring book created by ROLDA is a huge success across the country

Dana Costin
Founder of ROLDA

“Life can change in an instant for any of us. A disaster can strike. And when it does, l personally believe that love is what keeps us going. The love for animals is mighty and, for me, motivating. If you look no further than last Christmas, this all came after two years of pandemic restrictions leading us to believe we were at the worst we could get and to hope that everything would return soon to normal. The only problem was that a war started for the Ukrainian people only a few weeks later.

The horror these people have endured is hard to describe in words; many lost everything, had to flee to other countries, families were separated, and animals abandoned. Many cities in Ukraine were completely destroyed, and winter conditions are harsh.

It is difficult to predict what this Christmas will bring us, but we can do, day by day, the best we can to give good back to communities in need, people and animals. I don’t mean only donations, but any gesture which supports our beliefs and values.

A handwritten card to someone who helped, a visit to someone who lives primarily alone, a gift in a will for a charity; small or big gestures make a big difference. I will live with some images from this war for the rest of my life. For example, the image of an older lady walking between ruins carrying her dog.

While this causes me great sadness knowing I will never personally reach these people to help stop their pain, it fuels an ambition to prove to the next generation that in the worst days, as war is, people form a special bond with their animals to support each other.

The PawzUp project is inspired by all of this. You can read more about PawzUp Center here and decide if this will be your next year’s project to support. 2022 was a mixed year for ROLDA, with good and bad moments, but that’s exactly how life is. I am grateful for every ROLDA supporter who continued to stand by us and support our programmes. In the name of the entire team, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a better New Year that will bring you everything that money can’t buy.”

Your greatness is not what you have,
it’s what you give

Make a special friend smile! Send a ROLDA e-card. Created by wonderful artists who love animals,
ROLDA e-cards help us raise awareness about the plight of Romanian animals.

This Christmas Day, Misha will be properly fed and enjoy a treat or two… almost certainly for the first time ever!

Misha is one case that proof no just a stray audurance in front of pain but also what rescuers are confronted with in Ukraine.

Misha was saved from Odessa by Irina some while ago. It’s been 4 months since Misha remains hospitalized, the healing is slow and very costly like most difficult medical cases are.

Misha is also the perfect example of a friendly dog that suffers because of the chain, which reminds us all how important is to fight to ban the dogs being chained. Misha is the living proof that love, dedication of people can save a dog, no matter how difficult the situation is.

Please don’t forget that you are the hero for each injured, abused, lonely dog!

Sadly, many dogs continue to be trapped in war zone, or in filthy shelters. And not just on Christmas days. For them, we should never give up. Together, we can make this World a better place for the animals that we love. Being around us it’s the best Christmas present you can give them. Day after day.

Never let go awareness campaign