Emergency case: wired dog needs help!

Our rescue team was called to rescue this dog abandoned near a farm’ fence, caught in metal wires. One long wire was wrapped around his back leg and damaged the tissue – it doesn’t seem like a new wound, because the leg was destroyed, putrefied.  The other wire was wrapped around his neck (no damages there). The vet carefully examined the dog and the only solution is to amputate the dog leg and hope that the infection can be controlled with antibiotics.

The wire-dog has no name yet. Our priority is now to help him live and recover because in the best scenario, he will remain in three legs for the rest of his life.

The wire-dog needs your help to stay alive!

Please share this dog ‘story far and wide and please remember that there is no small donation.

Thank you for your generous support!

 12 November 2014

Thanks to Muriel, the wired dog has a name: Lace

The surgery went well.

Surgery wired dog

After surgery wired dog, Lace

11 November 2014
Wired dog leg

We aim to raise 500 EUR to provide the first aid : amputation of the leg and others related veterinary costs to try to save the wired-dog life.

Wired-dog greatest donors:

Laura J., Janet McD. , Jeanette J., Michele PM.,Tamara RH., June H., Pernille S., Mihaela S., Carine P., Jean- Philippe, Thierry P., Lisa D., Tanya B., Sun Auctions,Muriel J., Jacqueline VD.