This Year, Give the Greatest Gift of All

Give Hope.

Her eye had been damaged beyond repair. Her family had no money for a vet. There was no medicine, no way for her to escape the searing pain. But she did not complain, nor did she cry out when touched. Buffy came to us terrified, bloody, and alone.

Abandoned. Even if we could save this tiny life, her family had no room for a “freak” in their home.
Better no dog, then a one-eyed dog, they said. And they left.Because of the generosity of people like you, Buffy got a second chance. Some people, and some shelters, might question our decision. Why spend money; why “waste” scarce resources on an injured dog that no one wants?


Because at ROLDA we refuse to turn our backs on a friend in need. We stand up for our friends on four legs, as we do for those who walk on two. We pick them up from the dumps and the alleys where they been discarded like trash. Dogs and puppies tossed aside by individuals incapable of compassion. Humans who have lost their humanity.

In 2015, we have saved 918 dogs (and even a donkey) from terrible suffering.
Saved them from an inevitable slow and lonely death on the streets. Buffy is just one small, injured, soul out of many. Yet she has touched our hearts in a special way.

If you meet her, you will be moved by Buffy’s ability to forgive, and her eagerness to love again. Her desire to belong. We’ll find her a forever home. A family deserving of her unwavering devotion.

I shudder to think of what would have happened to this sweet girl if ROLDA had not been here to help.It sickens and saddens me to think of her in a stinking, filthy, Public “Shelter” (while you visit this link you can meet the realities in Romania and sign our petition to put an end to illegal pounds in Romania). Death chambers where dogs are deserted, and forced to feed on each other in a desperate struggle for survival. Which is never won. Tiny, bloodied Buffy would not have lasted long.

It’s a nightmare I have too often. Imagining, that we might be unable to keep our dogs safe. The dreaded doubts that we will not have the resources to continue the critical community and animal rescue programs we have in place. The possibility that all the accomplishments of years of blood, sweat, and tears will have been for nothing.

And so much progress has been made. We have built two shelters, sterilized thousands of animals, and provided food and medical care to thousands more. ROLDA has educational campaigns, and we provide support to seniors who cannot afford proper care for their companion animals. While much has been done, there is so very much more we must do…

We need to work towards a permanent solution to the issues of animal abuse and abandonment. We need to change the minds of the men in women in our community, to teach our children that dogs are not disposable; every soul, animal or human, feels pain, fear, and joy. That our own spirits, and our community spirit suffers when we turn a blind eye to the cruel crimes against animals that continue.
While you read these lines, please take a moment to reflect. To remember how fortunate we people truly are. To recognize the power that you have to give a voice to those who cannot speak. And to act.

Buffy is one of thousands of dogs at risk. Please donate today. Give hope, where so little exists today.
You might wish to know that Buffy met all the international volunteers who visited us during October month, from Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. They all loved the tiny, brave little girl.

Photo: Buffy with Ingrid from Norway


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