The Health of 650 dogs is in Your Hands!

Vaccine is the most advanced technique that modern medicine applies on people and on animals to prevent diseases. As a responsible dog owner, you take your dog to the vet every year for vaccine boost. This protects your furry friend against various contagious diseases which would be very expensive to treat or unfortunately, lethal.


Vaccination is a responsible attitude not only for your own dog, but also for the other dogs from your community, especially puppies or dogs with low immune system. Vaccination is the only method that modern science could provide to keep contagious diseases under control.

There are countries around the Globe which completely eradicated rabies, after years of sustained vaccination (nationwide) programs. We all know that rabies is a devastating disease, lethal for both people and animals infected.

In Romania, rabies cases are extremely rare and the disease is kept under control, according to the authorities. Few years ago, things were different but thanks to well coordinated nationwide programs and EU support, Romania has less worries regarding rabies.


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Stray dogs are exposed to rabies being in contact with wild animals like foxes. Strays are also exposed to diseases like distemper, or parvovirosis, hepatitis – viruses infections which has high mortality rate especially amongst puppies and could be prevented with a simple vaccine.
One of the best vaccine on Romanian market costs 5 EUR. Repeated annually on adult dogs, it prevents the contagious diseases to appear, spread out and make innocent victims.

CUTIE was wrapped in a plastic bag and throw over the big shelter’ fence. Luckily, he survived and was found by our team in the morning. Like any other new dog entering the shelter, CUTIE needs a vaccine and to be placed in quarantine for 21 days. Because he is a puppy, the vaccine must be repeated for complete immunization. This means that for each puppy welcomed in our shelter, the cost of vaccine is 10 EUR.

In early 2019, both our shelters have approx. 600 dogs.
A total of 3000 EUR is needed to vaccinate all our dogs.

If we don’t vaccinate all our dogs by end of March, the consequences are terrible:

  1. We will be removed from TRACES and all adoptions will stop;
  2. We will face huge veterinary bills and see the newly and weaker dogs exposed to horrible, life threatening diseases;
  3. The staff will be exposed to risk of infection;
  4. The shelter might be closing down;
  5. Our work will stop and we will be incapable to save more dogs from streets.

Why vaccination of dogs is a priority?

Let me give you top reasons why annual vaccination is vital in a shelter full of dogs, where lots of new dogs transit the shelter when others are getting adopted:

  1. Distemper leaves permanent nervous damages on adult dogs while 99,9% of puppies don’t survive it. Diseases like parvo are nearly impossible to control and prevent its spreading to new saved pups or weaker adults.
  2. ROLDA shelter is registered in TRACES , and this is a vital condition to be able as a charity to continue to rehome our dogs abroad. To stay in TRACES, we need to have a disease control strategy. Prevention is the cheapest way to limit mass spreading diseases, especially in a very busy shelter like our’s.
  3. We have a moral duty to all the adopter families to deliver only best, 100% healthy dogs.
  4. We have a moral duty to keep our staff and our shelters’ visitors healthy and not expose them to infection risk.

Healthy dogs mean happy dogs, happy staff, happy adopters, safe working conditions …and in the end, happy supporters who see that their donations are put at work for the animals.