The Story of White Angel

Do you believe in God?
I have reasons to and no doubt that Angels exist. I’ve seen them. I’ve saved them. And perhaps they’ve saved me. Some are big, some small. Some are black, some white. Some Angels see everything; and some wander without sight.

White Angel

A white angel captive in his dark World

Tiny, dirty, and blind. Barely more than a baby. Blinded by birth, or by brute force? We’ll never know.

White Angel is one that cannot see. She is so special, yet she suffers daily. She lives in a shelter where she doesn’t belong. You can sense her sadness the moment you meet her. You can smell it. Her loneliness and her pain permeates every part of the room. Somehow, she survived life alone on the street. With only her ears, her nose, and the feel of the frozen ground beneath her dirty paws to guide her to the garbage piles where she hoped to eat.

Rarely am I at a loss for words. Decades of rescue work made me think I had seen it all. I believe passionately that all animals deserve protection from abuse and abandonment. I feel proud to speak for those souls who have no voice.
White Angel took my voice away. But just for a moment. The first time I set eyes on this “throw away” dog, I fell silent. But my emotions ran high. Tears? I thought I had them under control. This small girl brought them back to me with a vengeance.

White Angel

Tiny, dirty, and blind. Barely more than a baby. Blinded by birth, or by brute force? We’ll never know. What is certain is that she cannot survive shelter life. ROLDA is a no kill shelter. We wish we could save them all. We cannot. Always we need financial support.

But White Angel needs more.
This young girl needs unconditional love and a forever home. A space that overflows with affection, patience, and understanding. White Angel needs time. But she has none. We desperately need to find someone who is willing to “invest” in her. To give her hope where none now exists.
Nothing good is easy. But we are certain that this blind baby girl will not disappoint. For some lucky family, for a special someone, White Angel will bring such joy. And her adopters or sponsors will bring light to the dark world our White Angel remains trapped in today.
Please share. Spread the word. Sadly, time is not on this Angel’s side.


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