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Thank you, ,

for your donation to ROLDA!

Dear ,

Your act of kindness has placed you directly in our PAWs-ome gang, which includes supporters from all over the World who #givehope to one (and possibly dozens) of homeless and abused animals in desperate need of a nutritious meal, medical assistance, and safe shelter.

Your willingness to help suffering animals in Romania means that your compassion has no boundaries. For us, love has no borders, and this is why 48 hours after the war in Ukraine started, we joined the international humanitarian efforts to help as much as we can.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

In a country where animals are often forgotten… because of you, they still stand a chance!

Dana Costin
Founder & President of Romanian League In Defense Of Animals

What can be achieved with a $50.00 USD donation?

Well... Did you know that a donation of $50.00 USD can help us to:

Purchase quality nutrient rich food for 10 dogs for a week

Cover the cost to spay or neuter and vaccinate 1 dog plus give her/him preventive parasite control treatment for 1 month, or

Cover the cost for a visit to the vet

Did you also know that a monthly donation can be more economical?

For example, the smallest suggested one-time donation option listed on our Donate page is $52 while the smallest monthly gift is as little as $12. ROLDA supporters have the opportunity to weigh the difference between spending $52 on the spot vs spending $12 on a monthly basis, even though they will be doing it for months. (It is important to mention that you can stop your monthly gift anytime you decide, with no obligation).

In case you decide to become a monthly donor, please use the button below.

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What do #ROLDAdogs mean to people?

“Hi, there! I’m Matilde, and I’ve been a ROLDA Ambassador since 2017. I’m proud to help so many suffering dogs by dedicating just a few minutes a day raising awareness about ROLDA and their mission to end the plight of stray dogs in Romania. People are usually very interested to learn and to help, so it makes a big difference. I just wanted to welcome you to our community personally. I hope you find as much fulfillment in helping this incredible organization as I have. All the best!”

January 2022