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for your donation to ROLDA!

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ROLDA has been fundraising for a cattery for years to provide in-house, local shelter and treatment to the cats we rescue, especially cats who:

  1. Are seniors and have little to no chance of being adopted;
  2. Have permanent disabilities;
  3. Require extensive rehabilitation.

Whenever we have rescued cats with these conditions, we have had to send them to treatment facilities or foster homes outside of Galati because we do not have the space, equipment, staff, or veterinarians to keep them here at ROLDA.

But our cattery is slowly becoming a reality with every donation we receive. Soon, we will beable to provide each cat we rescue with:

  1. Shelter;
  2. Medical care;
  3. Rehabilitation.

Dear ,

Thank you again for your donation 🤗. We are incredibly grateful for your support and the tremendous impact of your kindness 👏.

With respect and hope,
The ROLDA Team