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Silje from Norway

Hur kan du hjälpa 2 hägn med 700 hundar i Rumänien?

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Vårt svenska ideella team, med ledning av Lisa, är glada att höra från dig

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Vi stödjer ROLDA i Rumänien för att kastrera, omplacera, erbjuda veterinärvård, kost och logi för rumänska gatuhundar

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Silje from Norway

A Doggie Heaven?

(June 2014)

Silje lives in Norway and she has cats (she even trains cats!) but her first dog was a ROLDA dog named Red, which arrived “home” 2 winters ago.

Since that moment, Silje learn a lot about the dogs behavior and her new skills helped her understand better the dogs from our shelters, when she visited us for a week in June 2014.

Silje’s views about the big shelter – a home for about 650 dogs.

The big shelter is just that, big. There are a lot of dogs and it is time consuming to give everyone some individual attention but it is so worth it. Some of them are a bit shy or afraid but most of them come running right up to the fence and want you to pet them. The cages are clean and the dogs are in good health and by the way they react to people you can see that they are looked after with care. You can also see it in the interaction between the men and the dogs. They know each other. And some of the dogs that was terrified when they first came are now the first ones to run up to greet you. Of course it is not the ideal environment, the ideal idea of a loving forever home, but if you have ever seen the inside of a public shelter or the dire circumstances some of the street dogs live in, this is doggie heaven compared.

Silje volunteered to the small shelter, too!

The small shelter is another experience all together. Flori is the nicest person you will ever meet and she truly loves “her” dogs. And they love her back! You get much closer to the dogs there as the most sociable walk around in the beautiful garden and the pens are much more open so it is easier to get close to the dogs there as well. They have doghouses and crates they can go lie in but they mostly stay together in the shade and relax or play. There is a cottage there as well with a small kitchen and a bathroom so that’s very practical for visitors and volunteers, and also if you want some private moments with one of the dogs. What I have done most while I’ve been here is to sit under the cherry trees with the dogs and cuddle and play with them or just watch them interact and I could do that forever I think.

Silje is modest …because she did more then sitting. She even trained some dogs to “sit” for the right cookie!

All together, having Silje with us, even for only a few days, was a great experience.  I wish all the volunteers would behave with respect for the work undertaken and treat the dogs as she did.

And…she did some other amazing thing: one more dog happy! Fiorella will be prepared to travel to Norway soon and join Silje family where she will also meet Red.

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