Sterilization Campaign 2016

DVM Andrei and technician Nicu

Between 29 May – 4 June,in collaboration with ROLDA Swiss branch (Association ROLDA Suisse) we’ll organize the second mass sterilization and microchipping campaign in Smardan, Andrei Med Vet clinic.

The campaign is addressed to all the dogs (and cats) located in the Smardan area which are sheltered and looked after by people with low income.

Last autumn, the Association ROLDA Suisse sponsored the cost of 150 sterilizations and microchipping, performed in approx. 3 full working days.

We hope that in 2016, we’ll be able to match the amount collected by our generous Swiss supporters and sterilize a total of 300 dogs and cats!

Match your gift today and double our impact for the next sterilization campaign!

26€ One dog sterilized and microchipped
52€ Two dogs sterilized and microchipped
130€ Five dogs sterilized and microchipped


Baba is a 75 years old woman from Smardan village which shares her daily bread with her cats and dogs. From her income of 100 EUR/month, she can’t afford to pay the electric bill, medicines and the 3 meals a day for herself. Often she has to choose but this is not hard for her anymore because all her life is already full of resignations and shortages.

First time she met ROLDA team, she said “I am not alone. I have the chickens, the cats and dogs with me. They are my kids, they are my life and I am happy to share the bread or whatever I eat with them”. People like Baba are many, heart and soul for their pets but with empty pockets to afford the expensive medical treatments and surgeries.

ROLDA is created also for special people like Baba and her pets, and because of our very generous supporters, we form a united, powerful community.

Help us match the gift raised by the Swiss team for Sterilization Campaign 2016! Let’s raise the funds for extra 150 sterilization (a total of 300 sterilizations) meaning an amount of 3,900 EUR Let’s do it for the animals, for the poor community – none of them have any other hope!

Donors will be listed on this page with their name and the number of sterilization they sponsored.