19 Jun

Special request from special kids

Compassionate kids ask our help for responsible solutions!

The law 258/2013 demands to all the Romanian citizens to sterilize their pets by December 2014. The only exceptions are the dogs with certificate for breeding, for dog shows. The fine for not sterilizing the pet starts from 1100 EUR to 2200 EUR, the lowest represents averagely 4 salaries in Romania.

In case a Romanian person abandons a dog or prevents him to have medical help, the fines are higher and sometimes, the person can go to prison.

There are many Romanians who want to look after their animals properly but they can’t afford the luxury of paying the medical costs. Being forced to sterilize, microchip and register the dogs from the property as their pets by the end of this year and lack of money to comply with this request, many people will prefer to abandon their dogs on the streets before the New Year comes, to prevent a possible fine.

The result will be more street dogs to suffer and die.

What kids have asked?


Meeting the kids from the nearby school during the 1st June contest, they had a special request: they asked for our help to sterilize the dogs from their parents’ properties because they understood the importance of the sterilization and because they do not want to see their best friends abandoned or killed.

What kids promised us?

From September when schools reopen, together with these amazing kids and their teachers, we will create a new social event to educate the community about the sterilization key role to reduce humanely the strays’ population. The event will start in September for 2 months and the funds raised will be split to help the school with a new laptop and the shelters to have video cameras to monitor the activity 24/7.

We search for sponsors for this event and also would be grateful for any ideas how to sell the kids (hand made) creations. Contact us at rolda@care2.com

Back to the present tense…

Many kids asked in one voice to help them sterilize their favorite pets. There are mostly dogs, but some cats too.

During the summer months, the kids are in vacation and this is the best time in year when we can help them to sterilize their voiceless friends. It seems it’s our moral duty to not discourage their initiative or cut their hopes down.

200 dogs and probably about 30 cats could stop reproducing with your help.

Because all these animals will be transported to the vet office, a complete job, well done would be to also vaccinate and microchip (only) the dogs and help the parents of these amazing children to save some money which can go for education, food, etc

I am sure that together we can make this summer event happening.

Here it’s what we need:

20€ covers a dog sterilization
15€ covers a cat sterilization
7€ for a vaccine cost
6€ for a microchip

I am aware that the summer months are hard time to fund raise, as everyone prepares or is on Holidays. But I am confident we can do this together, because we made many miracles happen in the past.

Please spare a half of the Christmas gift you plan for our dogs NOW and DONATE for this sterilization campaign!

You will not only help us to reach the goal of 200 dogs (and a few cats) sterilized, you will support some poor families from the village to have one less thing to worry for the coming months and some animals not loose their home by the end of the year. As a bonus, you will put a smile on some kids’ faces , kids that thanks to you, will not be forced to see their best friends abandoned on the streets.