28 May

SOS Romanian Strays

If this image breaks your heart, imagine how it is to watch the World from inside!
No medical care. No food. No hope. No life!


SOS Romanian Strays

Abandoned, neglected, suffering in silence: they are the street dogs of Romania.
You see them at the edge of the road,trying to survive. On occasions,they eat dead corps of others dogs, hit by cars. Sometimes, it is hard to decide who are the lucky ones: those who remained to starve and hope in human’ kindness or the others, who left this life. You can read the worries and fear on a dog-mother eyes. What holds the future for her puppies?

These dogs need humans, not “just” people!

Looking around, you might think you saw the worst World for a dog can born, live into and bear with. You are wrong! Many of these dogs have no food, no warm place to stay in winter, they are full of parasites and often wounded. But they still have their freedom, the possibility to run and interact with others, the joy to feel the sun and the grass.

Unfortunately, for a small percentage, life can be even more cruel!

The public shelter dogs

Trapped by dog-catchers,some of the dogs end up in public concentration camps where they are waiting to die. Day by day, crowded in filthy small spaces, with no sun, no fresh air and we would think – no reason of hope.
Every time these dogs see a visitor (a human being coming closer) they bark, wag their tails and leave their heads down disappointed if the visit is off and they remain imprisoned.

Being empathetic toward others’ sufferance reminds us that we are humans. It is a nice feeling. The way we choose to react to help these voiceless souls might be a way to measure what’s left of our own humanity.

Respect for the dogs lives! Will you ignore or help them?

1. Please SIGN THE PETITION to put an end to corruption and abuses from the Romanian local pounds!

2. SHARE the petition with friends animal activists Worldwide!


3. Become an ACTIVE MEMBER of our charity and help us save as many dogs from death or from an uncertain, painful life.

Contact us at rolda@care2.com and tell us how you’d like to help.

4. Help us build a shelter for abused animals. DONATE!


Si cette image vous brise le cœur, imaginez comment il est à regarder le monde de l’intérieur!

Pas de soins médicaux. Pas de nourriture. Pas d’espoir. Aucun vie!
Voulez-vous les ignorer ou les aider?

1. Signez le petition pour eradiquer la corruption et des abus contre les chiens de refuges publiques roumains!
2. Partagez avec vos amis!


Contactez-nous au rolda@care2.com et nous dire comment vous voulez aider.

SOS for hjemløse dyr i Romania

Oppfordre EU-kommisjonen til å inspisere de offentlige kennelene og forlang at rumenske myndigheter (ANSVSA) stenger ulovlige mottak!

Respekt for alt liv!

Hvis dette bildet treffer deg i hjertet, prøv å forestille deg hvordan det er å betrakte verden fra den andre siden!
Ingen medisinsk behandling. Ingen mat. Intet håp. Intet liv!
Vil du ignorere dem, eller hjelpe dem?

1. Vær så snill å SKRIVE UNDER PÅ OPPROPET for å få en slutt på korrupsjonen og mishandlingen i Romanias offentlige kenneler.

2. Del oppfordringen med dine venner og med dyrevernere over hele verden!

3. Bli et aktivt medlem av vår organisasjon og hjelp oss å redde hunder fra døden eller et farlig, smertefullt liv.
Kontonummer: 6219.13.48082 (Norge)  Alternativ for medlemmer:
100 NOK i MÅNEDEN /1200 NOK

Kontakt oss på rolda@care2.com og fortell oss hvordan du kan hjelpe!