Seth Rescue

Seth lay in one spot unable to stand; vet determining if Seth can walk again

Our veterinarian has informed us that he needs until next Wednesday to properly diagnose Seth’s condition in order to determine what type of surgery, treatment, and rehabilitation he will need.

Initial x-rays were inconclusive because Seth had not evacuated all his feces, but the second x-rays showed that there are no visible anomalies in his spine—which is great news. However, the vet still needs to run more tests to determine what underlying complication has paralyzed Seth. Right now, Seth can only stand on his four legs for just 5 seconds.

He is wagging his tail though! Hopefully, this is a good sign for Seth.

This poor, tiny dog—who we estimate to be around 6 years old—was found out in the freezing cold, unable to stand and curling up to keep warm. His body shivered violently from the cold and the snow he laid on for hours…probably a day or two.

We don’t know for sure how he ended up in this field, but it’s most likely he was abandoned (given that he looked healthy aside from his paralysis) or walked to this spot after realizing something was wrong with him until he finally couldn’t move.

We feel so fortunate to have found Seth, especially in this weather. Had he been outside like this a few days ago when the temperatures reached a low of -24C, Seth would not have survived.

We get emotional just imagining Seth spending a few minutes all alone, unable to move, feeling so helpless and desperate, barking endlessly for someone to hear his cries and come save him.

But he’s here with us now, and while we patiently wait for his diagnosis, we are confident that Seth has a wonderful future ahead of him.

Please make a donation today to show Seth your support. As he waits in the clinic, we want him to feel that he has many kind people cheering for him to get well soon.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.