REX Charitable Clinic Needs Equipment to serve the Animals in Need

What happens when a tiny puppy catches a cold, an abandoned Rotweiller has a toothache or a 130-pound intimidating shepherd dog comes down with an intestinal disorder?

If they happen to be just some of the 650 dogs at the REX charitable clinic, the chances for a speedy recovery increase.…because of your support!

But first, we must purchase the basic needed equipment, to make it functional.


First Charitable Clinic to serve 300000 strays, pets and farm animals


The REX building was finished in the fall of 2011 and it was connected to water and electricity in 2014.

As soon as the basic veterinary equipment will be purchased, the clinic will start functioning as a “social veterinary clinic“. The building has two separated entries: one for new coming dogs, which need to spend the first few days in quarantine and one entry for the staff, visitors, dogs already housed in our shelter.

The first entry takes you to the quarantine and to the grooming area where the new dogs, often dirty and full of ticks, have a bath.

photo: The stainless steel electric hydraulic bath tube with special system to reduce dogs’ stress during bathing.


We also purchased a hydraulic grooming table which goes as low as 25 cm from ground, ideal to gently handle the shy dogs, without stressing them.

The REX Clinic rooms:

  • Quarantine area
  • Surgery theater
  • Examination room
  • Laboratory room
  • Recovery area

The clinic building also need insurance, surveillance system, fire alarm, electric insects controller (UV), steam cleaner.

Additional spaces of the clinic are: the office /vet staff area and the medicines storage room plus an additional room for blankets, soft accessories, disinfectant, etc

For the medicine storage room, we need a refrigerator to keep the medicines (especially vaccines) to a constant low temperature, as required by the producer, day and night, all year round. If  the vaccines are not storage properly, they will not be efficient at all.


Photos of the REX Social Clinic


The hurt was so severe, I felt blinded. Searing pain spread like wild fire through my haunches and tail. Running away was impossible. Instead, I tried desperately to drag myself to safety, my back legs felt broken.


To rescue a dog is not an easy job, as it sounds. As soon as the saving mission ends, the dog becomes a member of our shelters’ family, a part of our daily work. The rescued dog becomes our responsibility!