Help ROLDA to rescue Ellie

Every time we rescue a new dog, we try to figure out where he/she comes from so we can try to understand him/her better.

When Delu brought Ellie to the shelter, these are the facts as we knew them:
● A local animal lover called Delu went to pick up Ellie.
● Ellie and a mixed chow named Bunga were sharing a transport crate when they arrived.
● The person who called Delu said she found both Ellie and Bunga wandering the streets.
● She mentioned briefly that Ellie was limping.

It’s clear to us that Ellie belonged to someone. She was abandoned but we don’t know why. Sometime ago, Ellie must have been hit by or with something, because she had an old, untreated femur fracture for which she got no treatment. It is heartbreaking, but this is the reality: many homeless animals live in pain, with a fracture or break, and the bone sets naturally – sometimes, in the wrong position, which generates the limping. Plus, probably, pain and more damage/health problems accumulated as the time passed.

Ellie is a small, adorable girl who has learnt, unfortunately, what it means to be a homeless dog.

After seeing how she limps, we decided it was something serious and rushed Ellie to the vet. There, after a medical exam and XRAY, the vet decided it’s the old femur fracture that needs surgery to be corrected and set into the right position.

Being an old problem, there were no guarantees that her leg will recover. But after surgery and a very long recovery period, Ellie‘s pain will stop. In the worst case scenario, she will loose the leg – but we are hopeful and the vet will do his upmost to save her leg, stop her pain and help her walk normally.

It is sad to think that in a moment, the life of a dog can change so dramatically: from the time when she had a home, until the moment she ended up on the streets, being hit, injured – staying in pain and ending up limping, since who knows when!

Thanks to ROLDA friends and supporters, Ellie‘s nightmare will slowly be over.

You can help Ellie recover by:

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More supporters means more help and during the critical times, when your finances are limited, our needs (emergency veterinary costs, food costs etc) are easier to cover when there are more contributors.

Nothing comes easy in life. Not for Ellie and not for us. Our mission is to work hard, to face difficulties but to make miracles happen for these dogs. And you, dear ROLDA supporter, are part of every step we take to transform each dog’s future.