12 May

Rescue dogs

Be someone’s super hero!


Just because a dog is caught on the street and placed in a shelter does not mean it has been rescued.
In Romania, most dogs are left to die in those shelters.
Sadly, many people think these “rescued” dogs are filthy, sick, violent, and dangerous.
But a dog can end up in a shelter for many reasons:

  • Death of owner;
  • Divorce or separation;
  • Financial troubles;
  • Relocation;
  • Irresponsible owner…

…the list goes on.

In poor countries like Romania, almost all the dogs that end up in public shelters were born on the streets!

6,000 puppies are born on the streets of Romania every year.
2.5 million dogs in Romania are homeless.
Thousands of these dogs are caught and thrown in public shelters every year. Most of them die from being neglected … or they are brutally killed.

The conditions inside these public shelters are horrific!
These dogs are NOT “rescued“!

Because homeless dogs are a big problem in Romania, public shelters are a quick way to fix it.
These dogs just need a little attention and they can live to be healthy pets, but it’s easier for public shelters to kill them or let them die.

Make change possible!

At ROLDA shelters, every dog we rescue receives medical care, grooming, rehabilitation, food, exercise, bedding, friendship, and love.
Every dog we rescue gets an opportunity to become adopted … or at least spend the rest of their lives in a safe and loving environment.
If every public animal shelter cared about the welfare of their dogs, they would discover a gentle and kind soul desperate for love.
Irresponsible and ignorant shelters are to blame for the poor conditions of their dogs … NOT the dogs themselves.

If people stopped looking at shelter dogs like filthy, sick, violent, and dangerous animals … they would be saving their lives!

Whether a dog ends up in a public shelter or a ROLDA shelter, it deserves to live and be loved.

To learn more about public shelters, and how ROLDA rescues dogs, visit sponsoradog.ro

P.S. You can help ROLDA shut down these horrific public shelters (or “death camps”). Visit us at help.rolda.org You would be saving thousands of lives!

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