Homeless puppies for adoption need your help!

Romanian puppy for adoption

6,000 puppies are born on the streets of Romania every year.Currently, we at ROLDA only have room for 700 dogs — many of them are puppies waiting for adoption.

Why are we asking for help from the UK?

Because Romania is a poor country where the majority of the population cannot afford to adopt or own pets.
Without the support of Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, the UK, the USA, and Australia … the number of puppies born on the streets of Romania would be much higher.

ROLDA is the only humane animal shelter in the country that responsibly cares for the welfare of every dog it rescues.
The only way ROLDA can continue to decrease the stray population is with the help of foreign countries.
When foreign citizens like yourself adopt ROLDA dogs … you are not only getting a wonderful friend … you are saving 2 lives!

We understand many people prefer puppies. So this can be your chance to get the puppy you want and save it from growing up on the streets, where it will suffer from starvation, sickness, neglect, abuse, and death.
And remember, you will also be saving another life!

You give … another homeless dog a chance to join ROLDA and become adopted one day.
Every ROLDA dog that gets adopted is another dog off the streets.
Every donation to ROLDA helps fund sterilization campaigns that prevent the increase of the stray population.
Every sponsor helps to provide our dogs with quality food, bedding, heat, medical care, and more.
Every gift a dog receives lets them know that you care!

Even after more than 10 years, not every UK citizen knows ROLDA exists. It’s important that every citizen knows about us because that increases the chances for more adoptions, donations, sponsors, gifts, and volunteers.
We have hundreds of puppies for adoption, visit us at sponsoradog.ro and choose your furry little friend today.

Your support is vital to ROLDA’s mission to save these helpless animals from their suffering.

Your impact when making a one time gift

Your impact when making a monthly gift

P.S. Remember, you can also help spread news about ROLDA. We
need as many people as possible to continue fighting for
animals that can’t help themselves.

P.S.2 ROLDA UK registration number 1162690. Download here the Gift Aid form. Please complete, save and send it to roldauk@gmail.com