President message 2020

We live today knowing the origin of Earth, of man and animals, we learn to navigate precisely in water hundreds of years ago but we hardly manage to navigate the wide sea of words, to take time to choose the words carefully, stop using them as a weapon to hurt, but as a tool to express our feelings and help understand each other.

The modern human prefers to speak alone into a phone that has a mechanic job to convert accurately sounds into words, when not very many years ago, people were hand-writing letters to each other in a sign of appreciation.

The twist of letters signs give birth to words, which we use as a routine to define a pencil, a phone, food, but beyond that our ancestral habits, our deep emotions and the bonds we created with each other, sharing the same passions and beliefs. And beyond everything else, the love that conquers it all.

If one day, the words that express our deep feelings will be gone, the humanity will be gone because that’s what defines us as human beings: Not mechanic, robotic words but those that come from our hearts, who trigger the emotions that make us feel alive, that make us FEEL.

Transformed into a commercial story, Christmas should be in fact the time of year when we are reminded and given another chance to be compassionate and feel good in our own skin for being kinder, generous.

Especially this year, when our souls were dramatically challenged with incertitude, changes and fears generated by lockdown and COVID, we needed words more than ever: for the seniors for which young society seems always too busy to slow down to listen to them, hug them, or for the animals that suffer the result of our collective ignorance and indifference, or for the unlucky people which we label and place at the bottom of our society.

I am happy and grateful to present you the numbers that ROLDA achieved this tough year because communication and compassion are the greatest things I share with ROLDA supporters, besides love for animals.

I am grateful that technology reunited ROLDA supporters from around the world, people I couldn’t meet perhaps without modern technology. But I am the most grateful that we communicate as friends, and I will be always here to respond to your questions or to hear the suggestions you might have.

Happy Holidays!

Dana and the entire ROLDA Team