11 Mar

President Message March 2015

ROLDA President Message

Dana, February 2015. Copyright photo: Lolita MorenaDear ROLDA supporters,

First of all, I apologize for the silence from the past weeks, this happened because we transferred the web content to a safer server and made some technical modifications to the administration platform.

Only because you didn’t hear from us, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of news to share now with you.

From January to March, we welcomed 9 international volunteers from Sweden and Switzerland.
22 dogs were adopted in the January and February in safe, forever homes: 12 in Switzerland, 4 in England, 6 in Sweden.
Our representatives from USA, Shannon and Bruce attend the Animal Care Conference in California where a booth has been displayed to attract awareness and support. Shannon also has a booth at HSUS Expo this year – Big thanks to the organizers for their kind support!
We have a new representative in New York area, Neta – welcome!
In Canada, we have a very helpful coordinator, Heather.

In Holland, although things collapsed in 2014, we are back on track thanks to support of Mariska, Natascha and Dave (web admin).

In Norway, our charity will have a stand at a vegan event thanks to our friend Ingrid.
In Switzerland, our team organized a fundraising event on 7 March (Fashion Day) the total of donations raised was 1780 CHF. The new fundraising event is a photo contest. The big goal is to fund-raise the purchase of nearby property to expand the small shelter.

A young filming crew from Sweden visited our shelters in February. The results of their visit will surprise you soon.

We  became an incorporated charity in Australia because we want to reach a larger audience. It is important to specify that ROLDA is still a very small charity compared with other international charities but our policy is a bit different, too because 96-98% of our total income is going back to the dogs direct needs, not spent on directors’ salaries or expensive business trips.
Our policy is to rely on people, carefully selected to represent us around the World. Our staff enthusiasm and dedication balance the six zero’s wages paid by powerful charities.

Our charity is currently incorporated in USA, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and Romania, soon to be in Germany and England and has the ANBI statute in Holland. It is a reason of joy and pride for me to share these news with you, however it is my duty to remind you that in all these countries (as well as the rest of the World) we are not self-sufficient, contrarily: we are one way or another at the beginning of a long and hopefully beautiful, rewarding trip. We need new active members, volunteers, skilled staff to keep on going and do the job at least as good as until now, using minimal resources for PR but getting good results comparable with the results of charities that invest fortunes into the same type of activity.

In terms of dogs’ rescue: 90 new dogs have been saved from streets and placed in our care. Meet some of our newest rescued dogs here

When you decide what amount to donate, please consider the followings:

  1. The adoption center got funding 1875 CHF from our Swiss friends for food and shelter costs but this is going to end up soon.
    Up to 60 dogs enjoy a comfortable life at the adoption center, simply because this place exists.
    Sometimes in summer, the adoption center will be closed for a week or two because we want to make small repairs, to paint the inside metallic parts and most important to: add a ventilation system, the heating lamps for the next winter. For dogs’ safety, we’ll move them to the big shelter until these planned activities will be finished.
    Approx. 3000 EUR are needed for the activities mentioned above. It is important to keep a high standard of care for our sheltered dogs.
  2. As spring comes, more dogs will be rescued suffering skin problems. Your donation can be put at good work for medicines to treat the skin problems.
  3. The large shelter has 12 paddocks from which 2 needs capital repairs (floor). We aim to install heating lamps for 3 paddocks and we already collected almost entire funding for one paddock (10 kennels) but 11 other paddocks need heating too! 2580 EUR for each 10 kennels (x 11) still needed.
  4. Rescue a dog is more expensive then it looks. Besides food, the dog needs vet checks, medicines, sterilization, post surgery treatment. There are also many costs related to the direct care of our dogs.

These are the other direct expenses made since the beginning of the year:

A.  Adoption Center  – 8,500 RON – partially – 4th side fencing

B. Rescue Center – 3,500 RON – clinic (water and heating repairs)

– 25,700 RON – clinic (equipment and furniture)

– 1,900 RON – snow removal (machines rental)

– 3,000 RON – septic tanks cleaning and disinfection

– 4,400 RON – taxes, insurances, repairs

5. The rescue van progress:
4000 CHF has been granted by SPA
1300 EUR has been donated by private supporters
600 EUR obtained after the crashed van was sold

Approx. 3000 EUR still needed for a new van which will enable us to transport the dogs saved to shelter and to the clinic, but also the adopted dogs to airport.

6. The big shelter staff has a room where they have lunch that looks like this:

Workers rest area

Workers rest area

As previously stated, we don’t aim for luxury buildings or unnecessary investments, but I think you’ll agree with me after carefully analyzing these photos that we should replace this metal container as soon as possible because the hygiene standards shouldn’t be less for people then for the dogs they passionately look after.

Your gift will go straight to the dogs’ direct and most urgent needs!

Around the World, we are lucky to find compassionate people that help us to continue looking ahead with enthusiasm and confidence. You are one of these people and maybe you often don’t consider your help a big deal but you should. Our team has a good moral, we can save more dogs from neglect, abuses, hungry and sick dogs,we can continue dreaming and building into a community that looks like falling apart. All of these because you believe in our mission, in my dreams and together, we make these dreams become reality!

Thank you for standing by us and our dogs!
Respect and hope,
President of ROLDA