Why to invest in PawzUp Project?

ROLDA operates in one of the poorest regions of Romania, where a family of 4 (or more) members survive with approx. 150 EUR a month. Around 200,000 street dogs, working animals (donkeys, horses) and poor pets (cats, dogs) are exposed to starvation, risk of abandon, diseases, death. The local small clinic can’t cope with a huge demand of small animals wounded, sick and large animals are basically sacrificed because there is no veterinary clinic equipped for them. For x-ray, RMN or other complicated investigation, (or often for a correct diagnostic) a pet must be transported to Bucharest (250km, 4 hours driving) but often the animal die because can’t be stabilized for transport.

Lack of infrastructure for south, north, east side of Romania and shortage of qualified personnel only makes the situation worse for both animals and people that care for them.


Who are the beneficiaries of PawzUp Project?

PawzUp is an unique project addressed to:

  • Second metropolitan zone (after Bucharest) Galati-Braila
  • Central Moldavia (one of the poorest regions of Romania)
  • A surface of 27.158 km2 (half size of Switzerland country) to be covered where approx. 200.000 animals need us
  • 2.000 animals estimated to be helped every year


PawzUp Project covers an area of 4.5 hectares of land (ROLDA’s property), located outside the city of Galati. Imagine an area of 27158 km2 (half area of Switzerland country). This huge area totally lacks of veterinary clinic, combined with modern sheltering facilities for animals from where local community can safely adopt, without being worried about the risk of infection or diseases.

PawzUp Services

Services for dogs: Catching, Shelter, Rehabilitation, Medical care, Services for senior dogs, Rehoming

Services for cats: Shelter, Medical care, Services for senior cats, Rehoming

For donkeys and horses: Medical care, Shelter, Services for senior working animals

For senior people: Therapy with animals

For local community: Tours, Education, Seminars about animals health, Adoptions

For young visitors: Education


Help Us Make Another Dream come True!

Together, we can make a dream come true for thousands of animals in need, for thousands of people who love their pets, but don’t have the logistics or the financial possibilities to care for them responsibly and efficiently.

PawzUp Project costs from A to Z

PawzUp Adoption Center completed 5% land purchased   300000 EUR

Horse Sanctuary completed 0% – 80000 EUR

Donkey Sanctuary completed 0% fundraised 30%  – 30000 EUR

Cattery completed 0%  – 35000 EUR

Rex Clinic completed 70%, still needed Vet Equipment 115000 EUR still needed 55000 EUR

Dogs Shelter completed 80% still needed Repairs/Improvements/Heating still needed 70000 EUR

1. First phase: Exterior

Land purchased – 100% completed

Permits, authorization, arhitect plan

Fencing – partially completed

Prepare the land for building, lay the foundation

Basic structure: the building walls

Roof, windows, doors

Heating, ventilation, safety systems

Total 250000 EUR

2. Second phase: Interior

Outfit the dogs and cats facilities

Equip the technical rooms

Purchase furniture

Other interior accessories and fixtures

Total 50000