26 Mar

Memorial gift

Memorial Gift

Mihaela from USA just made a donation “In memoriam of Rhett, a rescue dog who rescued me”!

A Memorial Gift is a beautiful testimony to the life of a beloved person or pet who has passed on—and the gift of life for animals in need. It can be just the right touch for expressing compassion to someone who has had a loss.

Or you can donate by card.

The “Memorial Gift” can be of any amount.Make sure to select the “Memorial Gift” option and provide your honoree’s information. The amount of your gift will not be mentioned. The list of people that donated to honor someone or something will be displayed on this page for 3 years starting the day the donation was made.

Examples of specific “Memorial Gift” levels

For 200 EUR sponsor a dog for an entire year and receive a nice certificate (online, by email or printed)from your sponsored dog as memorial gift!

Choose between these amounts 10, 15 or 50 EUR to make a gift to a particular dog in loving memory of a person or pet.

With 20 EUR you can name a tree in memory of a beloved person or pet. We will plant the tree for you.

For 25 EUR you can “Sponsor Them All”: hundreds of dogs in our care, donkey Ben and even Mr. Cat!

With 10,000 EUR name one of our 5 garden sections at your choice or for 50,000 EUR give a forever name to the entire ROLDA garden. Alternatively, you can name one section of our new shelter. Have a look here at the areas sections that still need a name/sponsor.

For 5,000 EUR you can name forever a garden’ path. We have 10 paths available. For 1,500 EUR you can name a bench and for 2,000 EUR you can name a kennel.