21 Jul

Make a Gift, change a Life

I’d love to join your family! And as I’m Thousand Miles Away, I give you a Thousand Ways to Help Me and All the Lovable Dogs Next To Me.

We may be thousands of miles apart, but our hearts are in the same place. I am just one of too many abandoned and abused dogs left to die on Romania’s streets. But I am one of a very lucky few. I was rescued by ROLDA starving, and broken. They fed me, bathed me, and treated my wounds.

They put me together again as a dog. Now I can trust, love, and live a real dog’s life. I only need to find my forever family. While I am waiting, I need a sponsor to provide me with the basic care that every dog deserves.

I don’t ask for much; my needs are few. Clean water, and a full belly when I fall asleep. A few minutes of play time with my friends, on two legs and on four! A little love goes a long way here, after suffering so horribly as a homeless dog.

I cannot bear the thought of ever having to return to those terrible streets, to the beatings of the thugs in the back alleys, the untreated injuries, and the debilitating disease. The constant fear of the dog catchers and their death camps haunts me still. Knowing how many of my kind I left behind saddens me.

Your sponsorship guarantees that I will be provided for while I patiently wait to be adopted. Better yet, you are saving two lives. By sponsoring me, enough money is freed up so that another dog can be taken in off the streets. Even a one time donation goes a long way at the shelter. And 97 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to helping us dogs.

Make a gift to change a life

  1.  Donate by PayPal

  • Donate to any of these bank accounts
  • Become a ROLDA Ambassador – Can’t donate? You still can help!
  • I know how hard the staff and volunteers work at ROLDA’s shelters and on the streets. But perhaps you have never been to my country. Why not come and visit? A volunteer stay would show you the great work your donations make possible.

    Romania is a place of great beauty, hard working people, and there is much hope in our hearts. But so much remains to be done for the animals, and the poor. You should visit us. You may even fall in love…I am so much more charming and beautiful when you meet me in person! Could you be my soul mate?