People with big heart DO NOT forget!

Back in 2010, Marie read an article about ROLDA in Swiss Dog Magazine and she decided that she can’t remain indifferent about Romanian dogs’ plight.

Few weeks later, she made the first attempt to raise awareness about the Romanian dogs plight and our work in Switzerland by organizing a small conference for Monthey area.

The host/presenter of the conference was Lolita, the well known Swiss activist for animals, who instantly accepted Marie’s invitation and showed her support from the very beginning. One of the conference sponsors was Hill’s.

More than 3 years passed until the fall, 2013 when the international public opinion was shocked by the new Romanian strays’ law and its terrible, predictable consequences.

Lolita decided to actively help some of these endangered souls and to also set up an example: We might not be able to save them all, but UNITED, we can save at least some lucky ones.

Lolita raised the funds for transporting 24 dogs in Switzerland, arranged the publicity and the logistics. She and her volunteers’ team (Anne, Christine and Mikael) as well as partners-shelters assist the dogs until safely adopted in forever, individual homes.

While in the Suisse shelters, until being adopted, our dogs will benefit of full assistance provided by the shelter staff but also regular visits of Lolita and her volunteer’s friends.