Liberty has a price

600 E. Do you think it’s a lot or it’s cheap? Did you ever thought to put a price on liberty? Is there any price for liberty?

This is the story of a mix Labrador, beautiful dog. He used to be someone’s dog for years until the tumor that grew on his right side became not only visible but, (sorry!) smelly.

If your dog would have a tumor, you would rush to the vet and feel sick worried. Well, our hero’s story is different. The day his tumor become visible and disturbing, he was abandoned. And if you think it’s enough tragedy for a dog to loose in an instant the home he loved, to be disposed like trash on the streets, without food and water, without the medical care to treat his health issues …

his tragedy doubled when he was abandoned in a crowd of people (without his beloved owner) rushing all over, speeding cars that he should avoid …trying to protect his painful right side, that constantly make curious people look disgusted; trying to run, despite the atrocious pain he felt at every move and at every step, to protect himself against packs of dogs ready to attack him. Going far away from dangers, he reached the industrial area of Galati, where he was greeted by new packs of dogs, ready to defend their territory. But the only thing he wanted was to hide and die in peace.

This is how he went inside an office area, where nicely dress people were disturbed by his look and the smell coming from his open wound/tumor. People were calling animal p1rotection to help the dog, but the company has an ongoing trial with ROLDA and therefore their egos are above this case. Again the dog help was denied. Working with intermediary supporter, ROLDA team managed to rescue Liberty – this is how we decided to call the senior Labrador.

Helped by our great veterinary, Dr. Andrei, Liberty tumor was removed. Right of his body, the remained scar is giant but at his left, the heart is bleeding after the owner that refused him because he was sick and smelly. Liberty‘s veterinary bill is about 600 E. I am sure that it’s an amount not difficult to raise, helped by our loyal supporters.

Dogs like Liberty would prefer to die instead of living the day when they are thrown away like old shoes. Our lives represent a labyrinth of paths, which sometimes interact to each other. Like your life’ path, as ROLDA supporters, interacting with us, to read this story and discover what we do. Or like Liberty’s path, who lost his home, started a journey full of dangers and heroically manage to stay alive, meet ROLDA team and reborn.

Unfortunately, Liberty stories are not rare, that’s why it’s hard to tell them in a way that will move us and reveal our humanity but if I just managed to do it, if I managed to get a tear in the corner of your eye, or any emotion in your heart it’s a step ahead. It means that the price paid by Liberty was not in vain because together, we can save him and others like him, before being too late.

From far away, from where you are, you couldn’t know Liberty’s story and I am privileged that not only I can tell it but also was part of this amazing happy ending rescue. Liberty is for sure his own hero, but if his story will manage to save more dogs in the long run, Liberty and of course, you – ROLDA supporter will be, together, the Romanian homeless dogs’ heroes.  And trust me, they need more human heroes so badly!