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Just 3 minutes to save a dog’s live

Note: This may take less than 3 minutes!

Just 3 minutes to save a dog’s live

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

Corina joined our team after she adopted a dog from our shelters. She is one of the people that help us keep going. She is an important part of our team that focus on spreading the word and get the message out to people that want to use a little extra money for saving street dogs.

1 more supporter = 1 more dog saved


If 1 person can make a difference, imagine 10… 100… 1000…

More people need to know that 20 EUR can pay to sterilize a homeless dog and prevent unwanted puppy births on the streets of Romania. The average litter is 6-10 puppies, and 20 EUR saves them all from a life of suffering.

Take 3 minutes (or less) to spread the word! Here are some simple tasks you can get for us from time to time:

If you only have… 30 seconds or less, YOU can:

This will help us to reach more people interested about Romanian animals plight.

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Why? How 30 seconds are REALLY important?

Well because 26 EUR means 10 puppies saved

Dogs like Cherry

Can stop giving birth to litters of puppies that will die within their first 3 months. But people can’t help unless you tell them.

If we succeed to stop the born of dozen, hundred, thousands of puppies, the 30 seconds of your time, will matter in a very big way!

1 min, YOU can:

Write a comment on Facebook.
This will increase engagement and Facebook will promote our posts.

3 min or more, YOU can:

  • Give feedback on our campaigns or web articles.
  • Come with ideas on how we can be more effective with our campaigns.

This will help us improve campaigns and have more resources for saving more street dogs. We are eager to improve our work learning from others experience.

And If you have no time you can always support us with donations.

If 1 person can make a difference,

imagine 10… 100… 1000…

Just 3 min will change his life

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