29 Jul

International Adoptions

International Adoption Program ROLDA

ROLDA International Adoption Program

Imagine a garden with people, pets and wild dogs. That’s Romania.

Although part of EU since 1st of January 2007, Romania is the country with highest strays’ overpopulation from entire Europe, and of the highest from entire World. Presently, the laws are not in dogs’ favor either, Romania being one of the countries where the law clearly permits the killing of healthy dogs and where there is a deadline for keeping dogs in the municipal shelters.  Romania is less tourist country compared with Turkey, Greece or Spain, this is why their number and the dramatic conditions in which dogs subsist on the streets, or crowded in filthy municipal pounds, and all these are less known by the public.

The sole salvation for the Romanian strays is international adoption because:

  • Lack of local adoption culture
  • The extreme high number of street dogs
  • The overcrowded private shelters
  • The inhumane, illegal, filthy municipal shelters

Sending dogs abroad is not a business, but a humane alternative which require funding and important logistics.

ROLDA clearly defines the conditions and principles for international adoption and these refer to the adopted dog but also to the adopter, because our aim is to provide a safe and healthy future to the dog in his new home, no matter where this place will be!

  • ROLDA Dogs are healthy and sterilized (Click here to meet our Best Dogs ready for adoption);
  • Pets have all the documents required by the EU laws to travel legally*;
  • ROLDA provides full transparency of the adoption process from its beginning to destination;
  • Pets promoted on sponsoradog.ro website were selected after a careful examination of their social behavior and all are sociable and ready for a family life;
  • The adoptions are made in countries where ROLDA has established coordinators, volunteers and where a home check is possible**see below.

*Being part of EU, Romanian dogs travel legally to another EU destination only by following the EU Regulation 577/2013

ROLDA strongly opposites the illegal transports of dogs but these sadly exist across Europe. Public opinion is used to hear about the smuggling of breed puppies from “puppy mills” but unfortunately, many rescued dogs from south-east Europe are smuggled with illegal papers in the West.

** ROLDA International Adoptions programs exist in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and UK (in some exceptionally occasions, we send dogs in USA and other EU destinations)

We are in process of creating a team to coordinate adoptions in Benelux countries.